10 Ingredients & Kitchen Products On Sale Right Now

10 Ingredients & Kitchen Products On Sale Right Now

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 3, 2012

The holidays have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the sales at the grocery stores have stopped. They'll be over in a hurry though, so here are ten things to stock up on this week before prices climb once more.

1. Fruit & Citrus: There are all sorts of citrus stocked in stores, intended as gifts for the holidays. Even if you can't use it right this minute, it could be juiced, pureed or even frozen for later use in smoothies or sauces.

2. Baking Supplies: Basic staples are in stock in large quantities. Look for discounts on flour, sugar, even baking soda for your baking and cleaning needs.

3. Pie Crusts & Phyllo Dough: Baking crusts (even graham cracker) are usually ordered by grocery stores in bulk this time of year. If your local store didn't sell through them all, anything left should be sold at discount prices.

4. Cookie Cutters & Icing Supplies: Though you might not find the full sets of tips and professional supplies on hand, you will find groups of inexpensive cookie cutters and icing tips that are great for kids to use in the coming year, or to be given as gifts to friends.

5. Yogurts: Post holiday time is known as time to get in shape. Because of this, yogurt and other assorted "healthy" items will usually be on sale. If you can't eat them all before expiration, just stick a popsicle stick in the top and pop them in the freezer.

6. Sponges & Cleaning Supplies: Look for deals on more expensive or specialized items like hand brooms or single sponges that might otherwise seem a bit out of budget.

7. Cookie Mix-Ins: Wrapped caramels, chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate bars, candies, nuts, dried fruits, sprinkles and other assorted cookie items can be found on deep discount for the next several weeks.

8. Winter Alcohol Packs: Stores that sell mixed holiday or winter themed alcohol packs are letting them go for a steal this time of year. Look for beers, hard liquors and gift sets at reduced prices.

9. Super Bowl Foods: Although it's not quite time yet, it's the start of the big push for things like soda, chips, crackers, cheeses. Even if you aren't a big football fan, there aren't many who dislike a good cheese and cracker spread.

10. Festive Beverages & Mix-Ins: Gingerbread and peppermint teas, eggnog coffee creamer, Starbucks coffee flavorings — make sure to keep your eyes peeled. These items are often stashed on holiday , but are on discount none the less.

What do you pick up on sale or clearance this time of year? A bar of Hershey's chocolate is just the same as a holiday one once it's unwrapped and sitting on a graham cracker waiting for a toasted marshmallow!

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