10 Signs You’re a Grownup in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Claire Bock)

Do you feel like a grownup in the kitchen? Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t, but we do know there are a few markers of grown-up behavior in the kitchen. Whether it’s actually putting away your groceries or mastering a few key recipes, here are some signs that you just might be a grownup.

  1. You have a well-stocked kitchen: These seven items are the most important ones to have.
  2. You’re a well-rounded cook: From mastering the basics to continually learning, grownups are comfortable in the kitchen.
  3. You’ve mastered a few recipes: Each one might not be a standout, but they should at least be solid.
  4. You know how to break out of food ruts: Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to cook, but grownups know how to cope.
  5. You’ve developed good everyday habits: Yes, they put away their dishes when they are dry and actually sharpen their knives.
  6. You have grown-up dinner parties: Number-one sign of a grownup? Actual serving dishes.
  7. You have good conversations at the table: Grownups know what to talk about around the table — and what to avoid.
  8. You have their own version of back to school: Whether they’re going back to school, or their kids are, they know it’s a great time for a reset.
  9. You look for help in unexpected places: Even meal kits can make a difference in your life and relationships.
  10. You know what to keep and what to get rid of: If you don’t use it, it goes out the door.