10 Tasty Fruits and Vegetables to Pickle This Summer

published Aug 5, 2014
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While I’ll never turn down good ol’ cucumber pickles, there are so many other tasty summer fruits and vegetables out there begging to be covered with a sweet-tart brine. It’s time to give squash, peaches, and even okra a star turn in a mason jar — here are ten fruits and vegetables you should pickle this summer!

1. Corn: Pickling tames the sweetness of corn and turns it into a great summer relish to serve with grilled meats or fish.

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2. Eggplant: Don’t like eggplant because you think it’s bland? Use eggplant’s spongy texture to your advantage since it’ll readily soak up pickling liquid and take on new flavors.

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3. Green Beans: Green beans are some of the easiest vegetables to pickle since you don’t even need to cut them up. Use these as a fun garnish for cocktails like bloody Marys.

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4. Okra: Okra pods are hollow and soak up a lot of pickling liquid, turning any unpleasant slime into a thing of the past.

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5. Peppers: Pickled peppers add a winning combination of spicy sourness to sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, or burgers.

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6. Peaches: This may seem like an unusual fruit to pickle, but juicy pickled peaches go well with pork, ham, or fried chicken.

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7. Radishes: Pickled radishes are tangy, sweet, crunchy, and have a natural spiciness, plus the skin on red radishes dyes the pickles into a beautiful shade of pink!

Pickled Sugar Snap Peas (Image credit: Whitney in Chicago)

8. Sugar snap peas: These may seem like an unusual thing to pickle, but crunchy, super sweet sugar snap peas take well to garlic and vinegar and make them even more snackable.

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9. Summer squash: Skip zucchini bread — pickling is a healthier way to use up that bumper crop of summer squash.

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10. Tomatoes: If you’re tired of eating tomatoes raw or turning them into sauce, try pickling and using them as bruschetta topping instead.

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