10 of the Smartest Things to Buy on Etsy for Your Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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You know how you get when you’re on Etsy. You want to spend all your money on beautiful handmade pottery from Israel, but you know you shouldn’t because you need to save your money for smart things — like the mortgage — or things that will make your life easier and better, not just prettier. Luckily, Etsy has that sort of stuff, too. You know, in addition to beautiful pottery from Israel.

Here are 10 of the smartest things you can buy for your kitchen on Etsy. Order as many of the things on this list as you want — just make sure you save enough money for that rent bill.

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  1. Peg Wall, $99 at ThePegWallCo: It’s no secret how much we love a pegboard at Kitchn, and we make no exception for this oversized option. It’s made of birch and comes with eight pegs, two small shelves, and two large shelves, so you’ll have plenty of setup options.
  2. Hanging Utensil Holder, $45 at CharestStudios: The only thing working against a utensil crock is that it takes up space on the counter. This one hangs from the ceiling (or a shelf) and still keeps all the important tools within reach.
  3. Towel Rail, $57 at lessandmore: This simple three-piece holder is magnetic, so it can stick right onto the side of your fridge. Use it to hold a tea towel or three.
  4. Walnut Wooden Spice Rack, $75 at KonieczkiWoodworking: Any time you can free up cabinet or pantry space is a good thing. This wall-hanging spice rack fits standard spice jars, so you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary step of putting your stuff in special containers.
  5. Reusable Sponges, $7 each at marleysmonsters: Before you baulk at the price, realize that these sponges are totally reusable. Just throw them in the washing machine and you can use them again and again. And you can pick from dozens of patterns.
  6. Copper Mug Holder, $70 at ProperCopperDesign: This adorable stand holds six mugs and doesn’t take up a ton of space. While you’re in the shop, by the way, poke around and check out the hanging pot racks and rails.
  7. Wood Magnetic Knife Rack, $50 at FiresideGoods: In case it wasn’t clear, we like to push for using wall space (and clearing off your counters) as much as possible. This knife rack will obviously help with that.
  8. STAK Kitchen Tablet Dock, $68 at STAKCERAMICS: This holder has come up in some of our other stories — and for good reason. It’s a great way to organize tools and keep your tablet up and out of the way while you cook.
  9. Classic Step Stool, $95 at PegandAwl: Struggling to get up on your countertops to reach those high-up cabinets is not only dangerous, but it’s also a total waste of precious time. This stool (made from reclaimed wood from 19th-century buildings in Philadelphia), can help.
  10. Weekly Menu Plan, $65 at HorsecreekPrimitives: Sure, you could plan your weekly menu on a piece of paper or a dry-erase board you already have. But if you’re not already doing it, this cute, pre-drawn board might be just the thing to get you to started.

What are some of the best and smartest things you’ve found for your kitchen on Etsy?