10 Stylish Pairs of Sweatpants You Can Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

(Image credit: Oak, Cotton Citizen, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters)
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Wearing pantyhose and a nice dress for Thanksgiving dinner never made sense to me; that extra slice of pie or helping of turkey just doesn’t fit in with that kind of wardrobe decision. Even that oversized sweater can’t hide the fact that I’ve unbuttoned my pants midway through the meal. The whole situation is just uncomfortable, and I’m not going to put up with it any longer.

This year I’m going to wear something a little more practical. Let’s find something extra comfy that allows your stomach to expand during dinner, but also has the option of being dressed up if you so choose. It’s time to go sweatpants shopping.

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Buy Now: Lucie Loungers from Anthropologie; $68

The rosy color and lace detailing on these sweatpants makes them ideal for social gatherings. They have plenty of room up top so you can eat your heart out, but the pants are also tapered at the bottom so you get that sleeker look.

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Buy Now: Eco-Fleece Jogger Pants from Alternative Apparel; $54

Full confession: I currently own these sweatpants and I love them so very much. They are ultra-comfy, and can be dressed up with a nice shirt and maybe a chunky shoe. Get them a size smaller if you want a more form-fitting look.

(Image credit: Oak)

Buy Now: Karate Sweatpant Black from Oak; $145

These fancy sweatpants have a slight drop-crotch thing going on (so trendy!) and also have a slimmer leg. They kind of look like real pants, don’t they? Nobody will be able to tell at the dinner table – not even your nosey aunt.

(Image credit: Cotton Citizen)

Buy Now: Biker Sweats Bone from Cotton Citizen; $225

If you have a pile of cash that needs to be spent, consider getting these fancy white sweatpants. White sweatpants are a bold move, and everyone at dinner will be more distracted by the color than the material. There are also some nice details on these pants, like knee patches and fun zippers.

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Buy Now: Medora Capri Sweatpant from Revolve; $72

These sweatpants have a lot of room at the waist and are cropped near the bottom. Showing off your ankles is a great way to hide the fact that you’re secretly wearing sweatpants. You can try to wear heels with this pair of sweatpants if you really wanna go all out.

(Image credit: Uniqlo)

Buy Now: Women Sweatpants from Uniqlo; $29.90

Take it from this model and pair your slim-fitting sweatpants with a cool pair of socks and a plain sneakers. It looks trendy and hip instead of baggy and lazy.

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Buy Now: Out from Under Ribbed Wide-Leg Pant from Urban Outfitters; $49

These “lounge pants” are a nice cross between traditional sweatpants, regular pants, and pajamas. The bright color and vertical pattern will fool everyone into believing you’re super stylish, and not just comfortable.

(Image credit: Lululemon)

Buy Now: Relaxed Fit Pant from Lululemon; $98

These Lululemon sweatpants are straight-legged for extra room, but they don’t look baggy. If anyone at the dinner table comments on the fact that you’re wearing sweatpants, just laugh awkwardly and tell them they’re actually yoga pants. Maybe there is a difference?

(Image credit: Champion)

Buy Now: Women’s French Terry Knit Pant from Champion; $34.99

These pink sweatpants are cropped, so they don’t look so slouchy. The bright pink color is a better alternative to the typical feather gray you might normally associate with sweatpants. Pair it with a nice, flat indoor shoe.

(Image credit: Onepiece)

Buy Now: Original Onesie Black Zip from Onepiece; $119

When all else fails and you want to look extra stylish and comfortable, consider a onesie. This one from Onepiece is apparently all the rage with celebrities right now. So when grandma asks why you think it’s appropriate to wear something like that for a holiday meal, just hand her a copy of People magazine and tell her to get with the times.

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