The Best Small Refrigerators You Can Buy Right Now for $1,000 or Less

updated Feb 16, 2024
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Bigger isn’t always better. Sure, lots of us would love to have a 28-cubic-foot refrigerator. But if you have, say, a city kitchen or a kitchen that’s in a home on wheels, you may be much happier with a small refrigerator (like an apartment-sized fridge or something even smaller). But did you know there are actually quite a few types of small refrigerators out there? Let’s take a look at all of your options and then browse some of the best small refrigerators on the market today.

Types of Small Refrigerators

  • Office-style cube fridge: These are tiny boxes and you can’t do much more than store cans of soda and a lunchbox in them.
  • Dorm-style mini-fridge: These are still quite small and also relatively inexpensive. You can store a few days’ worth of groceries in them, but freezer space is limited; and forget about refrigerating trays of prepared foods. One advantage of these mini-refrigerators is that they fit in tight areas so you don’t have to sacrifice much floor space.
  • Apartment-sized compact fridge: These are small and slim but they have most of the height and relative proportions of a full-sized refrigerator. They tend to be about 10 to 12 cubic feet, as opposed to the 20 to 25 cubic feet of full-sized refrigerators.
  • Extra-narrow fridges: Some brands make models in 24-inch or 28-inch widths, as opposed to the 32- to 36-inch widths of most standard-sized refrigerators. These units work well in both small- and average-sized kitchens and offer plenty of food storage space.

Do you need a refrigerator with freezer?

There’s one final question all apartment dwellers should ask themselves when shopping for a small refrigerator: Do you really need a freezer? Some of us cook in ways that would allow us to sacrifice a freezer altogether, and fridge-only refrigerators like the office-style cube models are much less expensive. So if you never find yourself in need of a freezer, feel free to skip it entirely. If you have a little extra space, you can also fit in a small chest freezer or an under-counter freezer. Depending on your space limitations, buying your fridge and freezer separately can actually be a great way to save money.

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1 / 10
Home Depot

If your kitchen is simply way too tiny for even a slim full-sized fridge, we implore you to invest in this Galanz Mini Fridge. It’s adorably retro (and available in two fun, bright colors), has adjustable glass shelves, a separate freezer compartment, and is crafted to last.

Storage size: 3.1 cubic feet

2 / 10
Home Depot
was $1009.00

GE has been cranking out solid, dependable appliances for decades, so this simple, stainless-steel top freezer fridge is a good bet. It has a ton of storage and even comes with a factory-installed icemaker.

Storage size: 16.6 cubic feet

3 / 10
Home Depot
was $999.00

Trust the Maytag man. This sleek fridge is packed with different storage solutions, making it perfect for a family with people who have all sorts of different diets or food restrictions.

Storage size: 18 cubic feet

4 / 10

You can get the coveted stainless steel look in your kitchen for less than $800! This shiny fridge also is so customizable, even the shelves on the door are adjustable.

Storage size: 7.4 cubic feet

5 / 10
was $419.99

This little fridge is our top pick for people who are really limited in terms of floor space. Our editors like the shelving options — it has can holders and an egg tray — and the fact that it will fit under your countertops.

Storage size: 4.4 cubic feet

6 / 10
Home Depot
was $449.00

This Magic Chef refrigerator is a bestseller among smaller refrigerators at The Home Depot, and we can see why. The fridge section has two adjustable shelves, two crisper drawers, and room for gallon containers on the door. Plus, the freezer has a slide-out wire shelf. This is the fridge to get if you have a big family or just a few big eaters.

Storage size: 10.1 cubic feet

7 / 10
Home Depot
was $779.00

This fridge has more than 3,000 five-star reviews from satisfied shoppers at The Home Depot. It also has lots of storage space and loads of shelves. And you can get it in three colors: black, white, and brushed steel.

Storage size: 13.9 cubic feet

8 / 10
was $899.00

You may be surprised to see Whirlpool on this list because their products are typically on the more expensive side, has they definitely have some bargains. This top-freezer model has lots of adjustable storage, plenty of room, and an optional ice maker.

Storage size: 18 cubic feet

9 / 10
Best Buy
was $899.99

The coolest thing about this fridge (pun intended) is that you can easily convert the freezer to a fridge, depending on what you need to store.

Storage size: 17.6 cubic feet

10 / 10
was $1049.00

This counter-depth fridge has a roll-out freezer located on the bottom, a feature you usually only find in much pricier models. The freezer has two spacious storage drawers and the fridge is lit with energy-efficient LED lights.

Storage size: 17.2 cubic feet