10 Small Kitchen Habits to Try in 2017

10 Small Kitchen Habits to Try in 2017

Dana Velden
Dec 20, 2016

The new year is a classic time to take stock and usher in new beginnings, so we've rounded up our most popular and helpful kitchen habits for you to consider for your 2017 fresh start. From simple things like saving that heel of bread, to a philosophical look at becoming a more well-rounded cook, this is our list to encourage and support you to shine bright and make good food!

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1. When My Family Eats Well, It's Because I Do These 5 Things

Anne starts us out with five very practical, almost deceptively simple, examples of things that she does to help her family to eat easily and healthfully. But you don't have to be feeding a crowd to take up these habits, as they can apply to any circumstance or time of life.

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2. 5 Habits of a Well-Rounded Cook

More philosophical than skill-building, these habits are ones to internalize and make your own. From the commitment to always learn new things to the ongoing process of making your kitchen a place that you love, building these basic approaches into your DNA will set you up for a lifetime of kitchen happiness.

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3. Here Are 5 Reasons to Never Throw Away the Heel of Bread

How many times have you tossed away that last bit of a loaf of bread, assuming that it was no longer useful or even palatable? Stop! This so-called stale bread is gold in your kitchen! Croutons are an obvious choice, of course, but there are many other things you can do with a heel of bread that are just as delicious or useful.

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4. What I Keep in My Secret Snack Box for Surprise Guests

An unexpected guest should be a welcome thing, but more often than not it's a source of stress and dismay, mostly because we're just not prepared. One solution is to get into the habit of keeping a special snack box in your cupboard for moments just like these. What's in your box is up to you and your tastes, but Cambria has a few excellent suggestions to get you started.

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5. The 5 Brassica Vegetables You're Not Eating Enough Of

The beautiful, lowly, but oh-so-succulent turnip has fallen out of favor for today's modern palates. Likewise for rutabagas. So get in the habit of bringing these delicious vegetables into your kitchen, along with their more popular cousins like Brussels sprouts and cabbage, to expand and enhance your dinner offerings and delight your tastebuds.

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6. 5 Ways to Use Grainy Mustard to Make Any Dish Pop

A stealth addition of mustard is a habit to take on, even if your recipe doesn't call for it. Sometimes just a small dab of mustard is all a dish needs to bring everything together and make it sing. So always ask yourself: Would mustard work here? And be amazed at how often the answer is yes!

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7. Why You Need a Ruler in the Kitchen

I know you think you know what a four-inch circle looks like, but are you sure? Or just how long that one-inch knob of ginger really is? Or if that pan is actually nine by 13? Don't fight it — stash a ruler in your kitchen tool drawer and use it.

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8. The 5 Smart Habits That Help Our Editors Eat a Healthy Breakfast

We've been hearing it for years: Starting off with a healthy breakfast is the best way to win your day. But for a variety of reasons, some of us just can't take up this habit, try as we might. So our editors got together and came up with a list of five things that they find helpful to encourage a more healthy morning routine.

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9. This Is How I'm Drinking More Water

Along with a healthy breakfast, we are also always being told that drinking more water is necessary for our health and well-being. But for many of us, the water habit just doesn't stick. Luckily, Lauren made drinking more water in 2016 a micro-resolution and then shared her tips and tricks with us.

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10. This Is How I'm Bringing My Lunch to Work More Often This Year

Going out for lunch during the week is a hard habit to break, mostly because it's quick and easy and, nine times out of 10, we didn't have it together enough in the morning to pack a lunch. Ariel helps us to switch this habit around with her tips and tricks for being sure that she brings her lunch to work more often this year.

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