10 Secrets of the Organized Kitchen

updated May 4, 2022
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We’ll take a guess that like every other year, you’re making a resolution to be more organized in 2016. It’s a goal we fully support. The more organized you are, the easier (and more fun) it can be to spend time in your kitchen and get dinner on the table every night.

Here’s some of our best advice from 2015 to help you make a fresh start in the new year.

  1. Your cabinets can always use more work: Take lessons from these beautifully organized cabinets. Now the only trick is getting them to stay that way.
  2. There are rules everyone must follow: To keep your home clutter-free, follow these 10 commandments.
  3. Pay attention to how you organize the zones of your kitchen: Starting with a well-designed organization plan will help you keep it organized down the road.
  4. You can organize your bags better: Don’t let this specific kind of clutter get in your way.
  5. There’s more to organize than just your kitchen: Don’t forget about all the other places where you’ll have groceries or food prep or dining.
  6. Some organizing gadgets are worth it: Yes, there are a lot of silly and unnecessary products out there, but we can’t imagine living without these.
  7. You can tame your Tupperware cabinet: It just takes a little creativity and time.
  8. Small changes make big differences

    This is one of our favorite little changes that will make your cabinets cleaner and more organized.
  9. Organizing your freezer will pay off: Even if you have a larger freezer or an extra chest freezer, follow these organizational rules to make the most of your space.
  10. The more organized you are, the more space you’ll appear to have: Even the tiniest of kitchens can benefit from these tips.

Bonus: We asked you for your best organizing tips, and you delivered. Here are 18 genius organizing tips from The Kitchn’s readers.