10 Recipes You Already Know That Use Coconut Flour

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Earlier this week I proclaimed my love for coconut flour. There were a few requests for recipes that use it, so we thought we would break you in easy. Forget new recipes that are unfamiliar — here are ten that you already know and love that whip up just fine with this simple substitution.

1. Cheddar and Leek Muffins: These muffins originally call for two types of flour, all purpose and corn flour. Double check that the corn flour you’re using is wheat free (sometimes it’s added in with little notification), sub out all of the all purpose flour with coconut flour and double the eggs and you’re good to go! *Also double check that your baking powder is gluten free!

2. Mango Yogurt Smoothie: Although this recipe won’t be making any substitutions for flour as none is called for, it is a perfect candidate for adding a little extra coconut flour in. Since it’s packed with fiber and protein both, a few tablespoons is a great addition (though you might need to increase your juice by a few tablespoons to thin it back out!

3. Make DIY Breadcrumbs: In most instances where bread crumbs are used as a binder in a recipe or coating the outside of a piece of meat or seafood before baking or frying, coconut flour will do nicely. Just make a straight substitution and make sure to dust shake off additional flour before cooking if breading to get a nice crispy (and healthy) crust. Breaded coconut shrimp with a squeeze of lime? Yes please!

4. Classic Beef Stew: This recipe can use 100% coconut flour in it and is taken to new heights if prepared with lamb instead of beef!

5. Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes: Pancakes are a fond favorite to many. These ricotta style pancakes are much lower on flour to begin with and thus require less of a substitution. Sub out 100% of the all purpose flour for coconut flour and increase the eggs to 5 and add an additional teaspoon of gluten free baking powder (which won’t have an anti-clumping agent in it).

6. How To Make Potato Pancakes: Since potato pancakes don’t rise, there’s no need to worry about an egg substitution here, just sub out your all purpose flour for coconut and you’ll be all set. For an extra fruity flare to pair with the coconut (if you can still taste it) try topping with chunked fruit and jelly!

7. Mini Blueberry Lemon Muffins: Baked goods are saved by coconut flour and although usually you can simply sub in an extra egg per ounce of flour called for, sometimes it will get out of hand. In the case of this recipe, you would need 16 some eggs to make up for things and that’s just silly. Increase your eggs to 4 and use a 100% coconut flour substitution. If you’re worried, halve or third the recipe and make a smaller amount your first time through!

8. Broccoli Casserole: A household staple, there isn’t much flour in this recipe so you can just switch out coconut for all purpose. Because the amount is small, you won’t taste the coconut, so no worries on changing up the flavor profile.

9. Sweet Potato Sformato: Ok, so Emma just put this recipe up this week, but it already looks like a classic that we know we’re going to love for years to come. Sub in coconut flour as is without any additional changes.

10. Turkey Gravy: Although it’s not a meal on it’s own (or at least hopefully not) you won’t need to make any changes to this recipe when using coconut flour. Just mix it in like normal. A bit of fresh cardamom helps balance out the coconut with the turkey goodness!

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