10 Meals Where Rice Takes Center Stage

Rice often gets relegated into the “side dish” category, which is the food equivalent of always playing wingman while flashier, more winsome ingredients get to chat up the cook. Today, we’re showing a little love for this humble grain. Here are ten of our favorite dinners where rice gets to be the star.

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Rice is one of the most versatile ingredients I can think of. It’s easy to make and can go from soup to casserole to salad without a hitch. Since rice absorbs the flavors of the dish in which it’s cooked, rice is equally at home with Asian ingredients like miso and ginger, fragrant Indian spices, Mexican bean and meat dishes, and simple everyday pantry fare like fresh herbs, sautéed greens, and chicken broth.

I keep both brown rice and regular white rice stocked in my pantry at all times for weeknight meals, and then I pick up packages of other varieties like wild rice or arborio rice as fitting occasions and new recipes present themselves. I’m always ready for an excuse to try a new variety of rice!

Here are our basic instructions for cooking a perfect pot of rice, simple recipes for fried rice and risotto, and last but not least, our top ten favorite recipes featuring rice front and center.

What are your favorite recipes with rice?

Basic Rice Recipes

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