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10 Recipes That Let Your Fridge Do the Cooking

published Jun 12, 2021
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Cooking doesn’t have to be a sweaty affair that involves firing up the stove, oven, or some other device that makes your kitchen hot in the summer. In fact, there’s a standard appliance every kitchen already has that can do double duty as a food preserver and a way to “cook” food: the refrigerator.

Refrigerators are a great way to transform ingredients into something tasty you can grab when hunger strikes — from snacks to entrées and even dessert — leaving you with more time to relax or go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Jars of overnight oats can “cook” in the fridge, giving you quick breakfasts that you can also package to take on the go. Cold soups and hearty salads taste better as they chill and get a chance for the flavors to meld. You can even make icebox cakes or creamy cheesecakes in the refrigerator without ever turning on your oven.

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As home appliance innovators, Miele has a whole line of MasterCool refrigerators that are perfectly suited to these kinds of dishes.

Miele’s MasterFresh technology maintains ideal temperature and humidity levels in separate compartments for different kinds of foods. MasterSensor, a user-friendly color touch display that’s controlled with just the tap of a finger, lets you make adjustments to keep vegetables crisp and shellfish extra-cold. Investing in a refrigerator with these features means your food will last longer and less will go to waste, and Wifi Conn@ct allows you to monitor everything no matter where you are.

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While you’re stocking up, Miele’s Push2open design lets you open the door with ease, even when your hands are full. And once your fridge is filled with tasty dishes, BrilliantLight LED strips light up the entire interior so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Here are 10 delicious recipes that let your refrigerator do all the hard work, so you can keep both yourself and your kitchen cool this summer.

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Recipe: Blueberry Walnut Overnight Oats
A simple, satisfying way to start your day. Mix the ingredients the night before so your fridge does the work while you sleep.
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No-Bake Tahini-Date Energy Balls
These tahini energy balls have a flavor that's nutty and just sweet enough without crossing the line into dessert territory. A healthy snack that keeps well in the fridge for at least two weeks.
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Easy Shrimp Ceviche
Poached shrimp hangs out in the fridge with tomato, avocado, cilantro and lots of citrus juice for a refreshing summer appetizer or light lunch.
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White Gazpacho
A cool and creamy cucumber and grape soup to sip on a hot day. By letting the flavors meld, this recipe highlights the magic of fridge cooking.
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Easy Lemon-Marinated Bean and Vegetable Salad
Creamy white beans and crunchy vegetables marinated in a honey-lemon vinaigrette is the ultimate make once, eat all week lunch. A refreshing and convenient dish to keep in the fridge.
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Smoky Trout Macaroni Salad
Smoked trout is an easy addition to this next-level classic macaroni salad. Set it in the fridge and surprise yourself with this easy delicacy.
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How To Make a Sandwich for a Crowd
This make-ahead sandwich serves up to 10 people, which means it's perfect for summer picnics, hikes, and beach trips. A little planning (and refrigeration) go a long way here.
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Slice-and-No-Bake Cookies
An easy no-bake cookie recipe made with dark chocolate and peanut butter and filled with peanuts and pretzels. Rethink what your fridge can do for you.
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No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake
Layers of graham crackers, whipped cream, and strawberries turn into a fancy-looking cake that requires zero baking. Assemble, chill, and enjoy. That's it!
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How To Make an Easy No-Bake Cheesecake
An ultra-creamy cheesecake that sets in the refrigerator, not the oven. Relax while this comes together in the fridge, then cool off with a slice any time.
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