10 Recipes That Call for Just 2 Cups of Chicken Stock

updated May 1, 2019
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Too often, I buy a quart of chicken stock for a recipe and end up just using half of the carton. I could make a double batch, I quickly strategize, only then realizing I don’t have double the amount of any of the other ingredients. I’ll make something this weekend, I promise myself, but then fail to get inspired when none of the recipes I look for require just two cups of stock. Sure, I could just cut the recipe in half – but I never do. Sometimes I’m just lazy.

Well, here are 10 recipes that just require two cups of chicken stock. Bookmark, print, or email this to yourself so you don’t have to waste another half carton next time you find yourself in that familiar situation.

The other option, of course, is to simply make your own chicken stock. If you’re in a hurry for a recipe, or just don’t have chicken bones on-hand, a carton of store-bought chicken stock is the only other option.

Once you open a quart of chicken stock from the grocery store, it lasts in your fridge for no longer than a week. If you don’t plan on making something with the remaining stock within that time period, you should freeze the stock. A smart way to do this is freezing the stock in ice cube trays so you’re able to use small amounts if needed. An added bonus is that the frozen stock cubes will defrost faster.

10 Recipes That Need Just 2 Cups of Chicken Stock