10 Questions We Have for the Person Who Invented the Avocado Latte

updated May 1, 2019
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Hide your avocados because someone out there is using them for lattes.

Melbourne’s Truman Café reportedly offers an avocado latte, as spotted by PopSugar. Social media footage shows a barista creating a latte in the skin of an avocado — most of the flesh is scooped out, but there’s still some left (likely to protect bare hands from the heat).

One one hand, it does seem a great way to repurpose avocado skin, which ends up in the garbage regardless. On the other hand, the little avocado meat that is leftover seems too much to waste as a latte cup casing.

It’s unclear if it’s a real menu item or just the eatery playing around with two foods millennials love. But if it’s a real thing, then we’ve got questions. Ten questions, to be exact.

1. This can’t be real; is it?

2. Isn’t it a safety hazard? What if there’s a leak?


4. Was it necessary to waste the layer of fruit inside the skin? Think of the lost guacamole potential.

5. But, why?

6. Is this a statement regarding Tim Gurner’s comment about avocado toast, coffee, and millennials?

7. What made you want to do this?

8. Does the heat from the latte burn the avocado flesh or burn through the skin?

9. Why?

10. Does it taste good?