Practical Preserving: 10 Products from Agrarian – New from Williams-Sonoma

published Apr 17, 2012
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you seen Agrarian, the new line of home gardening and preserving resources from Williams-Sonoma? Yes, Williams-Sonoma has branched out into the world of supplying home gardeners, picklers, preservers, beekeepers and kombucha-makers. This is a world we’re very familiar with, of course, here at The Kitchn, so we took a look through their new offerings to find 10 products we thought you might like. From handsome fermentation crocks to kits for cheese-making, here are practical products for home preservers.

While Agrarian offers larger solutions for homeowners (beehives, chicken coops) we focused on smaller practical resources for urban preservers.

10 Products We Like from Agrarian

• 1 Mozzarella/Ricotta Cheese-Making Kit, $25. We’re so smitten by the idea of making our own cheese. These kits include everything you need (rennet, citric acid, salt, a thermometer, cheesecloth and more). Also check out the goat cheese version.
• 2 Kombucha Brooklyn Kit, $70. Everything you need to start a batch of homemade kombucha.
• 3 4-Tier Sprouter Kit, $16.95. Sprouts are the most practical way for urban dwellers to grow something fresh and green, and this compact kit makes it extra-easy.
• 4 Fermentation Pot, $79.95. A big, heavy crock like this is essential to making sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented vegetables. This one is handsome enough to leave on your countertop all the time.
• 5 Shiitake Mushroom Log, $29.95. Grow your own shiitake mushrooms at home with this log, which produces a batch of mushrooms every two months for about three years.

• 6 Grow Frame with Bag, $49.95. If you do want to grow some small crops on a balcony in the city, then this grow bag setup is wonderfully compact and efficient. Plant a couple cucumber plants, or vining zucchini and you’ll feel like you’re in a real country garden all summer long!
• 7 Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway, $29.95. Agrarian offers a well-curated selection of books on gardening, chicken-keeping, and preserving. We wanted to point out this one because Willi, a master gardener, is also a sometime contributor to Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn. This is a gorgeous book.
• 8 Hurom Slow Juicer, $359.95. We reviewed this juicer a year ago, and we gave it two thumbs up. It extracts juice slowly and effectively from fruits and vegetables.
• 9 Herb Drying Rack, $18. Drying herbs is another good way for city cooks to preserve some summer bounty from the markets or their own herb pots.
• 10 Kilner Clip-Top Jars, Set of 4, $24.95 – $34.95. Last but not least, a shout-out to a super set of canning jars. These jars are great for lots more too, like storing sauces and dried herbs.

(Images: Agrarian)