10 Pretty Pink Cakes That Will Bring Joy to Your Life

published Feb 24, 2015
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It’s cold out, it’s February, and it’s only Tuesday. Let’s take a minute to look at some bright, cheery things that will bring a smile to just about anybody’s face. Enter: Pretty pink cakes!

There are so many different kinds of pink going on in this cake: Actual pink cake, frosting, and then macarons with pink cream. I don’t have a birthday coming up anytime soon, so I need to find another excuse to make this elaborate thing.

(Image credit: The Vanilla Bean Blog)

2. Buttermilk Cake with Blood Orange Frosting from The Vanilla Bean Blog

I really love the particular shade of pink on this cake. It’s super light and delicate looking without being too precious. The frosting gets its color from blood oranges, which I think is super appropriate for right now.

(Image credit: The Baking Bird )

This is undeniably a cool person’s birthday cake. It doesn’t scream birthday, but it still brings the party with that awesome pink frosting. The frosting is also made with St. Germain which is genius.

(Image credit: Chocolate + Marrow)

4. Rainbow Chip Cake from Chocolate + Marrow

This pink cake is extra special because the recipe requires that you make the rainbow chips or “Funfetti” that fill the white cake. Don’t worry, it actually doesn’t seem that hard: You just need white chocolate bars and food coloring.

(Image credit: Sprinkles Bakes)

5. Pink Vanilla Pocky Cake from SprinkleBakes

Is this, or is this not, the coolest cake you’ve ever seen? Using Pocky Sticks to hide that sweet pink cake is pastry magic.

(Image credit: Boulder Locavore )

6. Rose Cake from Boulder Locavore

This cake is fancy with a capital “f”. The cake itself is made with rose extract and lime juice, while the layers between the cake consists of a pistachio cream. The whole thing comes together with a simple whipped cream frosting. This baby is fit for a queen.

(Image credit: Audrey 74)

Who doesn’t love that easy ombré look? The real star of this recipe, however, is the strawberry mascarpone frosting – it comes together with just four ingredients.

(Image credit: Made from Scratch)

8. Ruffle Cake from Made From Scratch

This cake resembles that pink tutu you might have worn in ballet class as a kid. It’s both whimsical and incredibly fun.

(Image credit: Vanilla Bean Blog)

The frosting on this cake makes me so excited for spring. This cake is sweet, and rich, and wonderfully spiced with the cardamom cream.

10. Double Layer Confetti Cake from Best Friends for Frosting

This cake is a classic. It’s basically your standard funfetti cake with pink frosting. I like that the sprinkles were mixed in with the frosting, too. Gives it a nice, even look. Who doesn’t want more sprinkles?