10 Pretty Mugs to Dress Up Your Desk

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

If you’re one of those people with an immaculate desk (your paperclips match your pushpins and your stapler provides that just-right pop of color), you can’t exactly add a paper coffee cup into the mix.

What do you need instead? We’re glad you asked! You need one of these sleek mugs. Pick the one that’ll go with your file folders and then get back to work.

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  1. Saddle Up Short Mug, $9 at Gretel Home: We can’t get enough of this tapestry-inspired pattern. Any chance it’s available in a skirt?
  2. Dore’ Mug, $20 at Rosanna: Bring this mug to meetings to subtly remind everyone at work how golden you are.
  3. The Hot Mug, $25 at Blackwell Ceramics: Handmade in Brooklyn, this mug also comes in a more expensive version with a tea strainer and a saucer.
  4. Sip Cups, $30 at More & Co.: Not to brag or anything, but Faith bought one of these for everyone on our team last Christmas. We are all obsessed and use this little guy for espresso, tea, and even (shhh!) a bit of afternoon scotch.
  5. Ceramic Enamel Mug, $10 at Urban Outfitters: This mug looks like that campfire classic, but it’s actually made of ceramic, which means it won’t be so hot to the touch. Also, mint green!
  6. Marbled Enamel Mug, $13 at Flotsam and Fork: If you don’t mind drinking hot liquid out of a real enamel mug, this one is for you. Instead of the usual speckled pattern, it’s marbled.
  7. Wabi Sabi Mug, $35 at Leif: Yes, $35 is a lot to spend on a mug. Just pretend you get a dollar every time you get a compliment on it and the whole thing will be paid off in a week.
  8. Clay Art Tapered Base Mug, $6 at Target: Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Target for the win.
  9. Natural Clay Mug, $5 at CB2: Cubical workers with limited access to daylight might appreciate this mug’s nod to nature.
  10. Minimalist Mug, $25 at roselinepottery: Like this handmade mug? You can get a set of two (one in black and one in white) for $40 and share with your work wife.

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