10 Pickled Recipes to Make This Summer

(Image credit: Marisa McClellan)

Nothing tops eating fresh summer produce the second it hits the farmers market, but preserving it is a close second. With preserving, you get to enjoy your bounty for months and months, even after the warmth of summertime has passed.

My preferred preserving method is pickling — you just can’t beat that flavorful, vinegary tang. From quick-pickled mushrooms to classic dill pickles, here are 10 pickled recipes to try this summer.

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Of all the different methods of preserving food, pickling is a fairly easy one to do at home. Even though there are a lot of different foods that can be used, the one we all think about first is cucumbers.

Homemade Pickles

(Image credit: Emily Han)

Once you’ve mastered garlicky dills, move on and give these other vegetables a try. You can pickle everything from onions and carrots to beets and mushrooms.

Other Pickled Foods

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