5 Exotic Foods We Want To Try (Plus 5 We Really Don’t)

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Last week a few of us shared some of the weirdest and strangest foods we’ve eaten. Honestly, it’s a little hard to come up with examples of strange food; we’re pretty omnivorous around here, and so most food looks really appealing. But there are some truly far-out foods we still want to try — and others we are happy to live without. From durian to balut, here are five offbeat foods we want to try — and five we don’t.

TOP ROW: Strange Foods To Try

1 – Durian fruit – Yes, durian isn’t all that exotic in many parts of the world. But here in the States, it’s hard to find fresh durian, and its rotting odor still makes this a choice for adventurous eaters.

2 – Frog legs – Again, a familiar dish in many regions. But still one we’ve never tried.

3 – Reindeer paté – Rudolph in a can? We’ve heard this is meaty and delicious.

4 – Bird’s nest soup – Ever since we read about this in National Geographic when we were kids, this exceedingly expensive soup has been fascinating to us.

5 – Mangosteen – They are slowly becoming more available, after a ban on their import was lifted, but we still have never seen one! We want to try this King of Fruits! Read more about mangosteen here.

BOTTOM ROW: Strange Foods to Avoid

6 – Balut – The embryo of a chicken or duck, still in its shell. A delicacy in some regions of Asia, but we’re too chicken to try. See one guy’s account of trying this.

7 – Casu marzu – A cheese from Sardinia that has live maggots inside. We could never do it!

8 – Kopi luwak coffee – We are huge (huge!) coffee lovers and conoisseurs, but that doesn’t quite stretch to coffee pooped out by an animal.

9 – Roasted beetles – They’re greasy, salty street food snacks in many parts of the world, including China. But eat a cockroach? No way!

10 – Fish sperm sashimi – Even Kathryn, the most intrepid eater we know, said she wishes she could take back eating this.

Your turn! Do you have foods that you just really, really want to try? What about foods you just won’t ever venture to put in your mouth?

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