10 Non-Food Items You Should Put in Your Fridge

published Jan 2, 2018
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If I were ever to receive a visit from a Victorian-era time traveler, the first thing I’d show them is the refrigerator. It’s a modern miracle that we can keep milk from turning for nearly a month, but what you might not know is that your fridge and freezer can do so much more. If you have the room to spare, try dropping a few of these non-food items in your fridge or freezer.

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Beauty Items

1. Eye Cream

The cool temperature gives you extra help in de-puffing sleepy eyes in the morning, so move your eye cream or moisturizer out of the bathroom and stash it in the refrigerator.

2. Eyeliner

Storing your eye pencil in the fridge will harden the soft center, which makes for a more precise tip when you’re sharpening and applying eyeliner.

3. Nail Polish

Storing nail polish in the fridge will extend its life, but it does make it more viscous and harder to apply. Save this tip for those shades you don’t wear often.

4. Organic & Natural Cosmetics

If it’s something homemade, or an organic store-bought product that’s free from preservatives, you probably should store it in the fridge around the clock.

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Clothing Items

5. Tights & Pantyhose

Possibly an old wives’ tale, but some people swear that freezing your tights and pantyhose strengthens the fibers against runs and pulls and makes them last twice as long. You only need to do this routine every once in a while (like at the start of the fall tights season). Get the tights damp, fold them into a plastic bag, and freeze them overnight. Let them “thaw” the next day and they’re good to go.

6. Jeans

This one’s an old Apartment Therapy favorite. Good jeans get to look and feel really good if you never wash them. When they (inevitably) start to feel dingy and saggy, a quick stint in the freezer will help them feel fresh.

7. Fabric with Something Sticky on It

If you get gum or wax (or anything like those things) on your clothes, stick the pieces into the freezer until the offending sticky goop hardens, then try and chip or pry it off in big chunks.

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Random Other Things

8. A Sealed Envelope

Need to add something to a letter you’ve already sealed (or maybe you’re a bit of a snoop — no judgement here!)? Pop that envelope in a plastic bag and into the freezer for an hour or two to loosen the adhesive. Once it’s room temperature again, you should be able to re-seal it.

9. Flowers

Want to keep cut stems looking fresh for a party? Make room for them in the fridge, like your florist does.

10. Your Pillowcase

Take it off the pillow and fold it up into a plastic bag. It’s like the cool side of the pillow times a thousand.

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