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10 Essential Tools for Cooking in Your Dorm Room

published Sep 10, 2014
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The dining hall is convenient, but depending on your school, it may not offer the healthiest options—nor is it open late enough for those midnight study sessions.

That’s why you’ll want to be sure to have these 10 tools in your dorm room. You’ll be able to whip up all kinds of meals and snacks with these gadgets and utensils. Best part? No mystery meat on the menu!

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1. Personal Smoothie Blender: This might be the one time we’d recommend a personal blender. It’s small enough to squeeze into a small space on top of your mini fridge. If your dining hall allows you to take fruit and yogurt to go, and your dorm has an ice machine, you can make smoothies in no time flat.

2. Paring Knife: You’ll definitely need a paring knife if you’re going to cut up apples or carrot sticks to take to classes. We love this one because part of the handle swings up to cover the blade. Making it safer to store in your room.

3. Microwave Pasta Cooker or Rice Cooker: Whichever grain you prefer, having one of these microwave cookers will come in handy. Especially if you aren’t into what the dining hall is serving.

4. Dishes: Plastic plates and bowls will get you through, but the better choice is to get something slightly nicer. Corelle dishes are inexpensive, virtually indestructible, and come in fun patterns. What’s not to love?

5. Tea Kettle: Many dorms don’t allow coffee makers, which means you’ll have to find another way to get your coffee fix for late night studying sessions. Try this electric kettle instead. Then all you’ll need is a French press travel mug.

6. Microwave: A microwave is an essential for a dorm room. Especially since so many other types of appliances are banned for safety. You’ll be amazed at just how much you can make in the microwave.

7. Can Opener: This is one of the easiest gadgets to overlook when you’re prepping your dorm room “kitchen.” But you’ll definitely need it for soup, tuna, and more.

8. Plastic Insulated Tumblers: When you’re not drinking out of a water bottle, you’ll want insulated tumblers so they won’t drip on your notebooks, or break when you drop them.

9. Silverware: Don’t skimp on silverware. Buying a flimsy set can mean you’ll be eating off dented flatware.

10. Mini Fridge: Who could forget the mini fridge. It might be the most important thing you buy for your room.

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