10 Monkey Breads That Will Make You Go Bananas

updated May 1, 2019
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Gooey, sticky, and sweet, monkey bread is indulgence at its best. Although there’s all kinds of savory varieties now, I can’t help but fall back to the sweeter side. Luckily there’s a recipe for every kind of sweet tooth, including these 10 we found on Pinterest.

(Image credit: The Domestic Rebel)

1. Salted Caramel Monkey Bread from The Domestic Rebel

Caramel sauce gives this bread an extra-gooey factor, while the shower of sea salt at the end adds just enough intrigue to keep you coming back for more.

(Image credit: Dinner at the Zoo)

2. Cranberry-Orange Pull-Apart Monkey Bread from Dinner at the Zoo

Many people forget that winter is prime time for citrus. Let it shine in the dough, glaze, and garnish.

(Image credit: Great Grub)

3. Apple Pecan Monkey Bread from Great Grub, Delicious Treats

This is the perfect recipe to use up some of the apples you picked this weekend. Paired with pecans, this recipe is a natural for fall.

4. Praline Pecan Monkey Bread from Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen

The recipe for praline is, at the very least, sugar and nuts. Soft and sticky monkey bread can use some crunch from time to time, so a spin inspired by pralines is a great choice.

(Image credit: Pack Momma)

5. Apple Fritter Monkey Bread from Pack Momma

When I think of apple fritters, I picture soft apples, warm smells of cinnamon, and creamy glaze. This recipe has all three.

(Image credit: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

6. The Best Monkey Bread from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

In my house growing up, monkey bread always meant pieces of biscuit dough from a can. This recipe starts from scratch and is worth every minute of effort.

(Image credit: Something Swanky)

7. Carrot Cake Monkey Bread from Something Swanky

A box of carrot cake lends a hand in making this dough. And don’t forget the cream cheese frosting — every carrot cake needs it.

(Image credit: Mind Over Batter)

8. Blueberry Lemon Monkey Bread from Mind Over Batter

Not all monkey breads are created equal. There’s a time for rich cinnamon-sugar, but there’s also a time for fruity and bright blueberry and lemon.

(Image credit: Girl Versus Dough)

9. Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread from Girl Versus Dough

Cherry pie inspired this recipe. It has bright-red cherry pie filling, salty graham cracker crumbs, and creamy icing. Sign us up.

(Image credit: Wry Toast)

You can add bacon to other baked goods, so it’s only natural to see it show up here. It’s a lovely savory note — especially glazed in bourbon and brown sugar.

Do you have a go-to monkey bread recipe?