10 Make-Ahead Fruit Recipes for Breakfast

updated Jun 5, 2019
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Sweet, healthy fruit is a natural fit for breakfast and is often its best simply eaten raw and unadorned. But if you are looking for some fresh ways to enjoy fruit in the morning, these 10 recipes have you covered. Whether it’s baked, roasted, poached or pureed, the fruit in these recipes will last for several days in the fridge, so you can spoon it over oatmeal, mix it into yogurt, or eat it alongside toast on even the busiest mornings.

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If you are looking to cut down on sugar, don’t be afraid to reduce the amount of sugar in these recipes, or replace some of the sugar with other sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or even molasses. (And yes, we know rhubarb is a vegetable, not a fruit, but in the first days of spring, who’s being picky?)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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