10 Make-Ahead, Energy-Packed Recipes to Make for Suhoor

updated Mar 31, 2021
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During Ramadan, when only two main meals are served, a piece of toast isn’t going to cut it for breakfast. Something hearty and wholesome that will leave you full of energy is the name of the game.

It’s helpful to be able to prepare a satisfying Suhoor meal in advance, so you don’t have to get up well before the sun rises to head into the kitchen. These 10 recipes can be made ahead and are almost completely ready to eat, minus a minute or two of reheating, if necessary — some don’t even require it. They’re full of wholesome ingredients like whole grains, plant-based protein, fruits, and vegetables, to give you plenty of energy through the day.

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Sweet Morning Potato
You can bake the potatoes up to five days in advance so that it just takes a few minutes to assemble this hearty meal. The fiber-rich spuds are sure to fill you up, and the dollop of tangy yogurt gives them a boost of protein.
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Spring Fruit and Nut Tabouli
This seasonal twist on tabouli salad adds fresh fruit to the mix, but keeps bulgur as its base; the high-fiber whole grain is sure to give you energy. Feel free to swap in the strawberries for your personal favorite fruit, like blueberries or pomegranate seeds.
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Herbed Egg Whites & Feta on English Muffins
These hearty English muffin sandwiches are freezer-friendly, which means you can prep them, tuck them away, and simply grab for them in the morning — they'll take just about 30 minutes to reheat in the oven.
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Tender Baked Oatmeal Cups
These individual oatmeal cups can be enjoyed at room temperature or quickly rewarmed in the microwave. To add more staying power, cut them in half and spread them with nut butter, or break them up and serve them over a bowl of yogurt or milk.
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Curried Egg Salad on Naan
The egg salad can be made up to three days in advance and stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, so it's just a matter of piling it on the naan and digging in.
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Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Popsicles
Since Ramadan falls during a month that can often be a bit hot and sticky depending on where you live, it's nice to enjoy something that will cool you down. These popsicles will do just that but also keep you satisfied, as they are made with high-protein Greek yogurt and fiber-filled granola.
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Scrambled Chickpea and Spinach Pitas
These vegan pita sandwiches replace the eggs with chickpeas, which makes them just as hearty and filling. They can be prepared, frozen, then simply reheated in the oven for 30 minutes.
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Brown Rice Bowl with Lentils, Caramelized Onions & Egg
This hearty and comforting bowl is inspired by the Middle Eastern rice and lentil dish mujadara. To turn it a completely make-ahead meal, replace the fried egg with a boiled jammy egg, which can be batched with the rice and caramelized onions.
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Mixed Mushroom Egg Bakes
Swap in any of your favorite vegetables and cheeses to make these egg bakes your own. They can be baked ahead of time and then quickly reheated in the microwave in the morning.
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Savory Vegetable Pancakes
These savory pancakes can be frozen, taken out as you need them, and reheated in the microwave or toaster. Make them even more substantial by topping them with a fried egg or a big dollop or Greek yogurt.
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