10 Kitchen Tools That Make Great Ornaments

published Dec 14, 2016
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Everything you need to decorate your Christmas tree is in … your kitchen! It’s true. Even if you don’t have dozens of mini rolling pins on hand, you can mix and match a bunch of these items until your tree is all decked out. And then, when the holiday is over, don’t stash them in the basement. Put them to work making sweet things all year round.

  1. Mini whisks: There’s nothing cuter than a mini whisk. Tie a piece of string through the loop on the handle (or even a wire on the whisk) and hang.
  2. Tiny jelly jars: Use a hammer and a nail to poke two holes into the lid of an empty (and clean) jelly jar. Then, put the ends of a piece of twine through the holes and tie a knot on each end to create a hook. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can add little figurines inside to create a makeshift snow globe.
  3. Mason jar rings: Almost every house in America has a few Mason jars. Unscrew the lids and use the metal rings as ornaments.
  4. Little wooden spoons: These will look just darling on a tree. If yours don’t have holes in the handle (and you don’t want to drill some!), just tie some string around the neck of the spoon.
  5. Cookie cutters: Tie a piece of string through each cookie cutter and hang. Or, click


  6. Bag clips: If you have some decently cute bag clips, there’s no reason they can’t make an appearance on your tree. Take these cute and cheery clips, for instance. You can even clip them directly onto the branches.
  7. Bottle stoppers: Turn cute bottle stoppers into ornaments with just a little string. It’s not like you’ll need them this time of year anyway — we’re guessing your holiday guests will be able to help you polish off a bottle of wine (or three).
  8. Napkin rings: If you’re not throwing a formal party this season and don’t need your napkin rings, hang ’em on your tree. Thread them directly through the branches or hang with string.
  9. Sponges: Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you hang up a bunch of ugly pink and yellow rectangles. Sponges are super easy to cut, so you can use scissors to cut out stars, gingerbread men, or anything else. Add an ornament hook and you’re done.
  10. Mini rolling pins: These things make better ornaments than actual ornaments! Tie string onto the handles and hang.

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