10 Handmade Recipes That Are Perfect For Gift-Giving

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You know what’s better than a new XBox360 for your birthday? Chocolate-dipped beer marshmallows! Why? Well you can’t eat an XBox can you? Here are 10 recipes that are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Who wouldn’t love a box of coconut ganache bourbon balls?

1. Chocolate-Dipped Beer Marshmallows: We wanted them the first time we laid eyes on them and we’re pretty sure most folks would be elated to receive a box for themselves!

2. Basic Banana Bread: Easy to make, sweet to eat and travels and even ships like a champion. Bake it in a new serving dish and give the entire thing as a gift!

3. Five-Spice Cookies with Candied Oranges: These cookies make a serious impression with thin slices of orange on top. They taste and smell as good as they look and are all around superstars in the gift giving department.

4. Rosemary Apple Turnovers with Honey: These desserts are light and delicate and your friends will swear you picked them up from that new snooty bakery uptown. Little do they know they came from your kitchen!

5. Show–Stopping Recipe: Make Your Own Fortune Cookies: Fortune cookies are something that people just don’t make — but when you do everyone will laugh, giggle and be munching and a crunching away!

6. Homemade Croissants: There aren’t many who attempt to make something as simple yet so complex as a croissant. They’re not as tricky as you might think and with a little bit of dark chocolate tucked inside they become something truly gift worthy!

7. Coconut Ganache Bourbon Balls: These little chocolate nuggets with a hint of bourbon are one of those gifts that you swear you’ll just eat one — and then 10 pieces later you’re all giggly, satisfied and on a bit of a sugar high.

8. Lemon and Sea Salt Focaccia: Any bread that requires more than one rise is always a great thing to give as gifts. They aren’t tricky to make, but do require a bit more patience than we might have to make ourselves!

9. Pumpkin Pie Pecans With Agave: These nuts are sweet and spicy and even if you’re not into pumpkin pie, the same technique can be used to make any sort of sweet and spicy nut!

10. Homemade Beef (or Turkey or Fish) Jerky: It’s all too easy to think sweets when baking for friends and family, and especially for gift giving. Instead, why not balance things out with a bit of meat, seasoned just right for maximum flavor!