10 Handmade Tools for Washing Up

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There aren’t many folks who truly love doing dishes, but you can add a bit more joy (and frequency) to the task when your sink is nice place to work. Today I went in search of pretty scrubbies (technical term, you know), bottles, and containers for all your dish-doing needs.

Mundane tasks are always made a little easier when you have pretty things to keep you company. It might be a special scrubby, it might be a cheerful art print, but no matter what, a little bit goes a long way when it comes to happiness and satisfaction in your kitchen.

Here are a few favorite finds.

1. Cat Tail Bottle Brush: $7.99 from Etsy Seller JackSmooth
2. Eco-Scrubby: for $3.75 from Etsy seller EarthtoGert
3. Dirty Wash Clean Soap Bottle: for $38 from Etsy seller UrbanBelleCotoure
4. Expresso Scrub Kitchen Soap: for $5.50 from Etsy seller BaltimoreSoaps
5. Sponge Holder: $14 from Bovepottery
6. Magic Wand Bottle Brush: for $7.99 from Etsy seller JackSmooth
7. Dishes Print: for $12 from Etsy seller letterform
8. Soap Pumps: $28 from Etsy seller sierraclayart
9. Dishes Print: for $20 from Etsy seller JohnWGolden
10. Natural Pot Scrubber: for $10 from Etsy seller MeredithBridges

(Images: Please see links above for full image credits)