10 Gorgeous Wooden Spoons Almost Too Pretty to Use

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Seth & Kendra Smoot)

When I think about a traditional wooden spoon, I am reminded of children’s book illustrations of tiny grandmothers and enormous pots of spaghetti sauce. Wooden spoons are excellent at standing strong against a thick batch of dough, staying cool in a blazing pot of sauce, and, most importantly, fit so comfortably in your hand it’s as if you were never meant to hold anything else.

The classic kitchen staple has gotten a makeover as of late; take a look at these 10 wooden spoons that prove to be not only effective, but also edgy and elegant.

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Classic Olive Wood Spoon, $29 at Rejuvenation (Image credit: Rejuvenation)
  1. Classic Olive Wood Spoon, $29 at Rejuvenation: With its marvelously marbled and sweetly shaped bowl, this spoon is almost too glamorous to use! Whether you cook at your dinner parties or not, greet your guests with this utensil in hand — it’s the ultimate accessory.
  2. Long-Handled Tasting Spoons, $50 at The Line: Regardless of how gorgeous this spoon is on its own, it’s nothing compared to the chic set of six it comes in. This irresistible cluster of skinny spoons offers a unique variety of diverse woods.
  3. Juniper Wooden Spoon, $41 at Go Pigori: Live out any woodland fantasy you’ve ever had with this hand-carved juniper wood stunner. Not only is each spoon entirely unique, but they will also fit right in the next time you put them to use outdoors!
  4. Wood Dipped Spoon, $7 to 10 at Williams-Sonoma: A simple twist on a classic spoon, with a minimal dash of color that adds a drop or dip of vibrancy to an otherwise basic tool. The navy handle lends well to a nautical aesthetic, whereas the color-block pattern suits a mid-century modern or Scandinavian space.
  5. Lazy Spoon, $22 at Jonathan’s Spoons: He may be lazy, but he sure is handsome. This clever spoon made specifically for risotto allows for ideal stirring of the signature dish, along with a special notch for lounging on the skillet on those lazy days.
  6. Black Walnut Ladle, $45 at Wanna Spoon: If only Oliver Twist could have taken his second serving from this ladle! This handsome spoon is tough to rival in both classic charm and pure pouring power.
  7. Spicy Peten, $35 at NOVICA: Sharp and silly, this spoon represents a contemporary no-rules take on the formerly conservative kitchen tool. With its zigzag handle, this spoon will be sure to add even more heat to your already spicy dish.
  8. Teak Salt and Pepper Cellar Set, $16 at ABC Home: Isn’t everything better with a mate? At least that’s what this spoon thinks! This perfectly matched pair does double duty with it’s water-resistant veneer and classically coordinated shape.
  9. Curvo Serving Spoon, $25 at Nambe: Why can’t we be friends? Not entirely wooden, this serving piece brings together a stainless steel bowl with an acacia handle. Good on their own, perfect together, this spoon screams modern elegance no matter what the dish.
  10. Fancy Birchwood Cutlery, $12 at Oh Happy Day: It’s too cute to toss! The days of icky white disposable utensils are long gone with the dawn of this gorgeous birch wood cutlery. Every party deserves a fancy spoon, and this set is sure to satisfy your inner aristocrat.

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