10 Gifts for a Healthy New Year

updated May 1, 2019
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Everyone has that friend who’s always swearing they’re going to be healthier in the new year. It’s not that she’s so totally unhealthy — she just appreciates a good indulgence now and then. (Who doesn’t?)

You want to encourage her, but how do you gift something to support her health goals? It’s not like you want to buy her a salad spinner or a food scale for the holidays (although, in the right context, those can be lovely gifts).

You’ve got this! Here are 10 gifts that make healthy living fun.

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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)
  1. Glass Water Bottle, $30 at Drink Soma: For your coworker who always vows to drink more water, this glass bottle holds 17 ounces and each purchase results in a donation to a nonprofit that works to support safe drinking water projects globally.
  2. Self-Watering Planter, $30 at Back to the Roots: Even the person with the least-green thumb can grow organic cherry tomatoes at home. This setup comes with a clay pot, which slowly and steadily waters the plant throughout the week.
  3. Take Out Compost Bin, $25 at Fred & Friends: It’s dinner! Rather, it was dinner. With the capacity to hold just under a gallon, this compost bin doesn’t take up a ton of room, looks cute on the counter, and can help contribute to a healthier planet.
  4. Lucky Iron Fish, $25 at CB2: One of these little fish can provide a family with up to 90 percent of their daily iron intake for up to five years. How? Tell the cook in the family to drop it in any liquid or broth-based meal and it’ll enrich the food. Bonus: For every fish purchased, another will be provided to a family in need.
  5. Pineapple Soap on a Rope, $10 at Waiting On Martha: Whoever gets this pineapple-scented soap on a rope will really clean up this season.
  6. Healthy Holiday Snack Kit, $74 at Mouth: It doesn’t have to be all sweets and treats this time of year. This fun snack kit comes with healthful popcorn, dried fruit, granola, nuts, and more.
  7. Adopt an Indian Tea Garden Collection, $62 at Bambeco: Order this gift now and your favorite tea lover will get an adoption certificate and a loose tea gift set. Then in April, she’ll get 4.4 ounces of loose tea from her adopted garden.
  8. Homegrown Goodness Wall Calendar, $15 at One Canoe Two: This bold calendar will shine in any kitchen. And it comes with 12 recipe cards for later use.
  9. Clarington Forge Hand Tool Gift Set, $98 at Terrain: If you know someone with an actual green thumb (if not, we refer you back to gift number two), they may be able to put this solid steel set to use in their veggie garden.
  10. The Prepd Pack Set, $60 at Prepd: Your sister-in-law might actually bring her lunch to work if she has a practical-yet-stylish modular lunchbox to pack it in. Bonus: There’s an app that comes with recipes and counts nutritional information.
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