10 Gifts for a Friend's Freezer

10 Gifts for a Friend's Freezer

Faith Durand
Dec 2, 2013
(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

We're talking homemade gifts all week at The Kitchn, since it is, after all, that time of year. We are very excited about toffee, caramels, and other sweet things, but my mind has also been wandering in a different direction. While I love pistachio brittle as much as the next girl, what I would really squeal over right now is a meal to stash in my freezer for a busy weeknight, or a pan of dinner rolls to add fresh-baked warmth to an evening meal.

If you want to take something a little different and even more nourishing to a friend this holiday season, here are ten ideas for homemade gifts to stock their freezer.

These ideas started popping up for me as I cooked like a maniac last week, getting ready for out-of-town Thanksgiving guests. I did some serious make-ahead cooking, freezing carnitas, chicken stew, and breakfast goodies ahead of time. Every time I pulled a pan of parbaked dinner rolls out of the freezer I felt like I had given myself a gift, and I thought, why not do this for others?

There are so many sweet treats this time of year, and often what would really be appreciated is a meal for later, or something warm for breakfast. It doesn't have to be a whole meal, or a 10-pound lasagna. Breakfast rolls wrapped in foil, a batch of frozen tomato sauce, or a few cubes of frozen herbs would make practical, much-appreciated gifts during the winter season. And if you want to stick with the sweets, then who would not be grateful for frozen cookie dough?

Sure, you can't wrap these things up all pretty and leave them under the tree. But you can fold brightly-colored wrapping around a package of lemon rolls, and label it with a strip of sparkly washi tape (don't forget to include baking or reheating directions). Hand it over to your host or just stash it quietly in their freezer and tell them later. When all that toffee is gone, they'll still have breakfast to look forward to.

Baked Goodies

Meal Helpers

  • Homemade Stock: Do you know what I do to someone who brought me a big container of frozen homemade beef or turkey stock? KISS them. Save a pretty jar or two for sharing your post-Thanksgiving turkey stock bounty with a fellow cook. (Get a stock refresher here: How To Make Homemade Chicken Stock)
  • Herbs in Olive Oil: Freeze leftover fresh herbs with olive oil for cooking later, or melting and dipping. A little bag of these would be a bright gift for a friend's freezer.

Dinners for the Freezer

This is just the tip of the (freezer) iceberg! What else have you gifted (or would like to receive!) for the freezer?

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