The World’s Cutest Garden Markers You Can Buy

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

You spend a lot of time cultivating your backyard garden, so why not spruce it up with adorable garden markers that will add a touch of cuteness and make it easy to find what’s what?

Set up some of these markers and you’ll never again have to wonder if you’re you’re looking at the parsley or the cilantro.

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  1. Wooden Garden Markers, $8 for five at EdieJameBoutique: When ordering, you can specify exactly what plants or flowers you want engraved into this set of five wooden garden markers, crafted out of Baltic birch wood.
  2. Copper Plant Markers, $18 for 10 at Terrain: Constructed out of galvanized wire and copper, these plant markers will last year after year — regardless of any changes you make to your garden’s lineup. Why? The set comes with a grease pencil so you can erase and relabel the markers over and over again.
  3. Garden Herb Marker, $4 each at Target: This sturdy iron herb marker will stand up to the elements, and it’s available in a variety of different types of common herbs including cilantro, mint, and more.
  4. Wooden Garden Stakes, $24 for 10 at Peg and Awl: Simple and rustic, these wooden garden stakes come with a tiny golf pencil so you can do your own labeling as your garden changes.
  5. Copper Garden Markers, $36 for four at BerkleyandBean: You’ll have the classiest garden in town if you add in these copper garden markers, which are hand-stamped with whatever wording you choose.
  6. Chalkboard Garden Stakes, $14 for five at DearSeedSupplies: You can use these chalkboard garden markers to leave yourself little reminders (like “water me!”) and then you can erase them when you’ve completed the task.
  7. Wooden Garden Markers, $55 for seven at TheCommonSign: Crafted out of cedar, these wooden garden markers are engraved with giant block letters so they’re sure to stand out in your garden. Choose seven plant varieties from a long list and they’ll be custom made just for you.
  8. Clothespin Garden Markers, $10 for 20 at EtchedinTime: A clever usage of traditional clothespins, these garden markers have 20 different vegetable varieties engraved into them, and can easily be clipped onto a pot or sticks in your garden.
  9. Wire Sign Garden Markers, $6 each at LeRusticChic: These adorable wire sign garden markers spell out the plant variety in cursive, adding a unique touch to your garden. Bonus: They’re available in a variety of different colors, from gold to hot pink.
  10. Hand-Stamped Copper Garden Markers, $36 for four at RubyGirl: Made out of copper and hand-stamped with whatever words you choose, these garden markers are seven inches tall, so they’re sure to stand out.