10 French Food Words We’ve Been Pronouncing All Wrong

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton)

French cuisine is something we all know and love, whether it’s as simple as an omelette, or as elegant as crème brûlée. But knowing how to pronounce some of our favorite French dishes is a whole other matter entirely.

While the list could probably go on and on, here are 10 common French foods that we all too often pronounce wrong. The next time you tuck into your favorite bistro, you’ll be ready to order like a pro.

1. Bouillabaisse = BOOL-yuh-BAYZ

From the Provence region in France, this fish stew is made with a saffron-tomato broth and always served with crusty bread.

2. Coq au vin = kohk oh VAHN

Cook chicken with a whole bottle of red wine and plenty of aromatics, and you’ve got French comfort food at its finest.

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3. Macaron = mack-uh-RON

Not to be pronounced like the coconut cookies, macaroons, these meringue sandwich cookies have taken the world by storm — and we’re so happy about it.

4. Foie gras = FWAH-GRAH

Made of fattened duck or goose liver, there’s no denying it’s a delicacy.

5. Niçoise = nee-SWAHZ

Filled with tuna, tomatoes, olives, boiled eggs, and more, this is one satisfying salad.

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6. Boeuf bourguignon = boof boor-gheen-YOHN

Made popular by Julia Child, this slow-cooked beef stew is hearty and satisfying.

7. Crêpe = crehp

Enjoyed either sweet or savory, everyone loves crêpes.

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

8. Croissant = CWA-sohn

A buttery, flakey croissant is a thing of beauty, whether it’s slathered with jam, stuffed with chocolate, or enjoyed plain and simple.

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9. Haricot vert = ah-ree-koh VEHR

These French green beans are longer and thinner than most American varieties, and cook up to be more tender.

10. Rillettes = ree-YEHTS

A rustic pâté of finely chopped meat that’s cooked in fat and shredded into a paste-like consistency; it’s best served slathered on bread.