10 Food-Themed Calendars for a Yummy New Year

updated May 1, 2019
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If you count the days based on what you’re eating (Thursday is Wine Day, Friday is Cheese Day, and so on), it’s probably a good thing you don’t make calendars. No offense! But you might like one of these fun food-themed calendars for next year.

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  1. Pie Calendar, $34 at Wild Ink Press: Get 12 new dessert recipes this year! Each month features a seasonal pie from Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes. At the end of the year, each month trims down to a recipe card or art print to use or hang.
  2. Salumi Calendar, $30 at Drywell Art: The cure for perpetually not knowing the date? This meat-centric print.
  3. Pure Linen Tea Towel, $30 at Sir Madam: Don’t leave anyone hanging high and dry this year. This 18×28-inch tea towel will make sure you always know the date.
  4. Kitchen Calendar with Wood Stand, $24 at PinwheelPrintShop: This cute little guy can go in your kitchen or any other room so that you can think about your kitchen when you’re not in it. Each month features a different adorable design (think: mixing bowls, herbs, and more).
  5. Wine Paring Calendar, $22 at redcruiser: If you need inspiration for what to eat and drink together, this calendar can help. Each month features a great suggestion, like a pinot grigio with spaghetti carbonara, a BLT and some rosé, chardonnay with crab cakes, and more.
  6. Breads Around the World Calendar, $25 at LouPaper: Carbo-loading has never been less caloric! Bone up on all sorts of breads from around the world just by checking the date.
  7. Herb Garden Calendar, $18 at Rifle Paper Co.: Herbal and flowery, this darling calendar features gold foil accents and a loop of twine for hanging.
  8. Cakes Easel Calendar, $12 at Calendars: Ensure a sweet new year. All 12 months of this little desk calendar feature charming vintage cake designs from the 1900s.
  9. Fruit of the Month Calendar Kit, $25 at HeatherLinsHome: Keep track of the week and learn how to stitch with this DIY embroidery calendar. It comes with the necessary supplies and directions to get you making apple blossoms in September and strawberry seeds in May.
  10. A-Z Cheese Alphabet Grid Calendar, $20 at Rigel Stuhmiller: This illustrator partnered with the Cheese School of San Francisco to create a calendar of 26 gourmet cheeses. From Appenzeller to Zamorano, each month includes pronunciation guides, origins, and some interesting facts.

Do you have a favorite food calendar for 2017? Do give us a taste, please!