10 Favorite Bottles of Liquor for Gifting

updated May 1, 2019
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Booze is always a good gift. “Nah, I have enough,” said no drinker ever. Just make sure to buy her a bottle she doesn’t already have. Any of these unique options should do the trick.

A note on sourcing: We sourced all of these products at large online liquor retailers, but it’s very likely that they can be found for less money (and no shipping) at a liquor store near you. Also, shipping to some states may be tricky, so be sure to check!

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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)
  1. Victoria Pink Gin, $28 at Gin Lane: Wine lovers can have all the rosé they want, as long as gin drinkers can have this pink stuff, which gets its color from herbal and spiced bitters.
  2. Amaro Nardini Liqueur, $43 at Astor Wines: For those after-dinner occasions, this amaro is bitter, sweet, and citrusy at the same time.
  3. Cider Sampler, $60 at Shacksbury: Cider fans can try a mix of dry, semi-dry, basque cider, and more.
  4. Rosemary Vodka, $44 at Mouth: Rosemary-flavored vodka! Enough said.
  5. Rutte Celery Gin, $48 at Ace Spirits: This gin has been distilled with juniper, celery, coriander, angelica root, sweet orange peel, and cardamom for a light, zesty, and slightly salty finish.
  6. Fog Point Vodka, $125 at Casker’s: Sure, this bottle is a little pricey, but that’s because it’s the first vodka to be blended and cut with fog-caught water from the Bay Area. Fog!
  7. Mister Kat’z Rock and Rye, $30 at Mash and Grape: Back in the day, people who found rye whiskey too hard to drink would dissolve rock candy into each glass. This bottle is sweet (like rock candy) with a touch of fruit and spice.
  8. Polugar No. 2 Garlic & Pepper Infused Breadwine Spirit, $50 at Mission Liquor: Different from modern vodka, Polugar is more like Russian bread wine. And this bottle is infused with garlic and pepper, which guarantees to surprise and delight any recipient.
  9. Colorado Clear Mountain Moonshine, $25 at Ezra’s: Top-shelf moonshine sold in a Mason jar? Yes, please!
  10. Teeling Single Malt, $46 at Master of Malt: A new favorite nightcap for us! An Irish sipper with notes of fruit and spices, and a creamy finish. Its time in oak gives it a warm smoothness along with the lightness and absence of smoke that sets Irish whiskey apart from its Scottish cousin.
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