10 Awesome Etsy Finds for Neat Freaks

updated May 1, 2019
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Amidst the endless supply of handmade jewelry, felt pennant banners, and succulent planters, there’s a whole other category of stuff on Etsy — stuff that’ll help your kitchen stay clean and organized. Of course it’s all as pretty as it is functional. (This is still Etsy we’re talking about, after all.)

Check out 10 of our favorite products for keeping things neat and tidy.

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  1. Organic Tea Tree + Lavender All Purpose Cleaner, $13 for 32 ounces at HumbleSuds: Clean and disinfect your counters, cabinet hardware, appliance handles, and more with this organic all-purpose spray. The ingredients are as simple as the bottle’s packing, made mostly of distilled water and natural grain alcohol.
  2. Tea(m) Towels, $32 for two at blackbirdsupply: Keep these towels for yourself or give them away as a gift to your favorite home cook.
  3. Sponge Holder, $15 at SawyerCeramics: Did you think it was possible to love a sponge holder as much as you love this stoneware one?
  4. Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, $10 at Mugsby: Your family won’t have any excuse not to load the dishwasher if you have this clear-as-day birch magnet on the front, letting them know that the dishes inside are dirty.
  5. Linen Apron, $35 at Linenfox: Add this linen apron to your collection (because, let’s be honest, you already have a drawer full of aprons!), and you’ll have an extra-stylish option to pull out during your next dinner party. Pick from 14 different colors.
  6. Spoon Rest, $15 at LafayetteAveCeramics: We can’t stress the importance of owning a spoon rest enough. But you already know that, so all that’s left is for you to pick one from the seven available glazes.
  7. Hexagon Marble Coasters, from $16 for two at MeAConcrete: It’s super annoying when guests don’t use the coasters that you set out in front of them, right? Hopefully people will feel enticed to put these beauties to work.
  8. Printable Pantry Labels, $9 for 48 at thepapersociety: An organized pantry has labels, labels, and more labels. Download this PDF and print out 48 labels for things like basmati rice, flax seeds, pasta, and more.
  9. Kitchen Tablet Dock, $68 at STAKCERAMICS: Not only does this crock keep all your wooden spoons and spatulas in order, but it also neatly props up your tablet while you cook.
  10. Inkwell Glass Soap Dispenser with Stainless Pump, $19 at Rail19: Fill this with your favorite liquid dish soap and you’ll want to wash dishes even more than you already do.

What other things have you found on Etsy that help you keep a clean and organized kitchen?