10 Tips to Help If Your New Year’s Resolution Is to Drink More Water

updated May 1, 2019
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While many people will tell you that no, you do not need to drink eight glasses of water every day like previously believed, there’s no denying that water is still pretty darn important. And that all of us should probably drink more of it.

If you’re trying to hydrate more in 2019, we’ve got all sorts of tips and techniques to help. Sip, sip, hooray!

1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.

Before you even have your morning coffee, force yourself to drink a glass of water. You don’t have to chug it — unless you’re that antsy to start that first cup of coffee. By drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, you’re rehydrating yourself after a night of slumber and you’re starting things off on the right foot, which means you’re likely to have more water again later.

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2. Keep your water pitcher in the fridge.

If you prefer your water to be cold, make sure there’s a pitcher in the fridge (filtered or unfiltered) at all times. And that it’s full. If you finish it or get it close to finished, fill it up before you put it back in the fridge. This way, you’ll always have cold water ready when you need it. If you like ice in your water and don’t have an automatic maker, keep the trays full too.

3. Keep a (full) large water bottle in plain sight.

Sit at a computer all day? Keep a water bottle on your desk where you can see it so that you remember to drink from it.

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4. Make sure it’s a water bottle you like.

There are all sorts of water bottles out there — some with straws, some with wide mouths that get hidden with caps, some with little spouts, etc. Figure out which type you prefer. If you know you can’t be bothered with unscrewing a cap or you like to drink with a straw, get a water bottle that makes sense. A bottle you do not like will not get used.

5. While you’re at it, get more than one water bottle.

Keep one on your desk at work, one in your purse, one on your nightstand … you get where we’re going with this. By having more than one, you don’t have to worry about leaving one behind by accident.

6. Set a timer.

In case seeing the bottle isn’t enough, try setting a timer to signify that it’s time to take a sip. One of our readers said: “For a few weeks, I set a timer on my phone to remind me to drink more water. After a while, my animal brain was trained and it’s stuck ever since.”

7. Or use an app.

There are plenty of free apps you can download that’ll help you track how much you’ve drank during the day. One of our readers suggested Waterlogged. “You can set it to show reminders throughout the day and also record your drinks,” she says. You can also go the old fashioned route and write it down on a Post-It (or even in your Notes section on your phone).

8. Make some fancy water.

We know that plain water can be boring — especially when you drink it all day, every day. Dress it up by infusing it with some fruit or herbs. By “infusing” we really just mean chopping some stuff up and throwing it into a pitcher.

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9. Or water with bubbles in it.

Trying to replace soda with water? Seltzer still has that fizzy carbonation but none of the sugar. Even if you don’t have a soda habit, you still might like the bubbles to mix things up.

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10. Build a support group.

“I have a group of friends who text during the day,” says another reader. “We started texting each other photo reminders to drink water (photos of ourselves drinking water, to prove it). It’s goofy, but it works surprisingly well.”

Are you trying to drink more water in 2018? How will you do it?