10 Easy Dinners Made with Canned Goods from the Pantry

updated May 1, 2019
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The bottom shelf of my pantry is always stacked with a sea of various canned goods. There’s everything from an assortment of beans to canned tomatoes. Keeping these ingredients on hand is just one of my secrets for quick, budget-friendly dinners I can make any night of the week.

From salmon cakes to a rich pasta sauce, canned pantry staples are the star ingredients in these 10 easy recipes.

A humble can of chickpeas, partnered with a few other pantry staples, is all it takes to serve up these protein-rich, plant-powered nuggets for dinner.

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This is how you turn a can of tuna into a totally tasty meal. Toss it with a tangy orange-ginger dressing and serve it with brown rice, creamy avocado, and cherry tomatoes.

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With canned beans, diced tomatoes, spices, and frozen veggies, this wholesome chili is easy enough to pull together for a weeknight dinner.

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Start with a simple can of white beans the next time salad night is in your meal plan and you’ll be serving up a fresh and hearty dinner that does not disappoint.

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Inspired by crab cakes, this wallet-friendly meal makes canned salmon the star. You’ll start by whisking together a simple spicy mayo, which both flavors the salmon cakes and acts as a dipping sauce.

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There are few things more comforting on cool fall evenings than a warm bowl of tomato soup. This recipe shows you how to bring even more flavor to this classic by first roasting a couple cans of whole tomatoes in the oven.

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This spicy, smoky bean salad packs a whole lot more flavor into it than you’d expect from something that takes all of six minutes to make. Want to change things up? You can also swap the hot smoked salmon for canned salmon.

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Canned chickpeas and diced tomatoes are the dynamic duo that come together to instantly turn tender, baked sweet potatoes into a simple protein-packed dinner.

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Add this to the meal plan for next week’s Taco Tuesday and you will not be disappointed. Stuff a mess of smashed chickpeas into a tortilla and you’ve got a cheesy, veggie-friendly quesadilla guaranteed to fill you up.

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This classic sauce will show you once and for all that homemade tomato sauce can be so simple to make. You only need four ingredients, including a can of whole plum tomatoes, to be rewarded with a rich, velvety sauce that is blissfully delicious.