10 Delicious Ways to Turn Tortillas into a Meal

(Image credit: Nick Evans)

Born and raised in Los Angeles County, I grew up eating tortillas several times a week, often handmade from the taco stand. Today my husband and our girls regularly make corn tortillas from scratch, but I have no qualms about buying giant bags of both corn and flour tortillas at the store. They are super versatile, can be transformed into any number of dishes, and taste amazing. I’m not sure why tortillas haven’t been declared a superfood, but I’m casting my vote.

1. Use tortillas as a pizza base.

The wonder of pizza toppings is that they work on so many great bases: naan, English muffins, bagels, and even tortillas. Slather on your favorite pizza sauce, sprinkle on the toppings, and broil until the toppings are melted.

Fun twist: Make a Pizzadilla. Layer your pizza toppings on half the tortilla and fold it over. Then cook on a hot griddle.

2. Make tortillas into nachos.

Nachos are made from chips. Chips are made from tortillas. Voila! You can make tortillas into nachos. Bake or fry wedges of tortillas until crisp and top with beans, cheese, and the meats or veggies of your choice. Dollop with sour cream and salsa and dig in.

3. Stuff tortillas with your favorite sandwich fillings.

Flour tortillas work super well for wraps. Warm the tortilla until pliable; it helps you avoid tearing when you roll your wrap. Fill with your favorite sandwich fillings.

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4. Bake up a pan of enchiladas.

Enchiladas — tortillas stuffed with cheese and meat and topped with sauce and more cheese — are the ultimate comfort food in my book. Make them in bulk for workday lunches, assembling three each in microwave-safe dishes, and freeze. So good!

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5. Fry up some tostadas.

My kids do a happy dance whenever I make tostadas. It’s such an expensive meal that feeds a crowd that I do a happy dance, too. Fry tortillas until crisp and top with beans, cheese, your favorite taco fillings, and salsa.

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6. Roll up tortillas into pinwheels.

Indulge your inner child and roll up some pinwheels. Spread on favorite spreads and sandwich fillings, from PB&J to seasoned cream cheese and veggies. Roll up tightly and slice.

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7. Make a quesadilla.

Basically a grilled cheese sandwich made with a tortilla for bread, a quesadilla is quick, easy, and very comforting. Baked or fried, quesadillas are a winner.

8. Stir up some chilaquiles.

This is a great way to use dried-up tortillas lurking in the back of the fridge. Chilaquiles are often served for breakfast, but I don’t see why you can’t enjoy them morning, noon, and night.

9. Spoon up a tortilla casserole.

I love lazy recipes. You know the ones — stir up a bunch of stuff, spoon it into a baking dish, put it in the oven, and walk away. Tortillas are perfect for casseroles, particularly when bathed in salsa verde and lots of cheese.

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10. Fry (or bake) some flautas.

I always thought that taquitos were made from corn tortillas and flautas from flour. But the Food Lover’s Companion has no listing whatsoever for taquito, and instead defines flauta as the corn tortilla rolled around a savory filling and fried. Wikipedia disagrees somewhat.

Whatever you call them, they’re really, really good! Roll tortillas around savory fillings and fry or bake until crisp. Dip in guacamole. Repeat.