10 Delicious Things to Watch on Netflix This Summer

published Jul 31, 2015
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Don’t have any weekend plans? Now you do. Stay inside, blast the AC, make a whole bunch of snacks, and watch these food-centric films, series, and documentaries on Netflix. From a documentary on the man behind General Tso’s chicken to a heart-warmer like Chef, you have plenty of options to choose from. Go ahead and cross these off your summer bucket list.

We did a post on what to stream on Netflix last year, and we wanted to explore the newer options that have since been released. All of the movies from last year’s post, besides two – Tortilla Soup and The Raw and the Uncooked – are still available to stream, which means you have up to 18 things to watch in your arsenal.

Below I’ve included a short clip so you can see what the movie, series, or documentary is about, and then I linked to it on Netflix with a short description on why you should watch it.

Why you should watch it: This movie follows the life of an incredible chef who wants to try new, exciting things in the kitchen. After an awful review of a restaurant he works at, he decides to break out on his own. It’s especially interesting how social media plays a role in this film.

Why you should watch it: In this Netflix original, this series highlights one chef in each episode and explores what makes him or her great. The cinematography is incredible, and the stories are heart-warming and motivating.

Why you should watch it: This movie is goofy in all the right ways. When a famous chef loses his title of “God of Cookery,” he tries to reclaim his position. The movie is originally in Cantonese, but you have the option of watching it dubbed or with subtitles.

Why you should watch it: When a seasoned French chef loses his edge, he brings in an unexpected cook to help him in his restaurants. If you want something lighthearted with delicious-sounding dishes, this movie is for you. It’s in French, but subtitles are available.

Why you should watch it: Restaurants are more than just food – they are stories, entertainment, and hard work. This movie goes behind the scenes of three very different restaurants and finds what makes them tick. If you want something that makes you feel good, this is the movie to watch.

Why you should watch it: In this romantic, dreamy film, a young woman and her daughter move to a small French town and open a patisserie. There are a lot of scenes of delicious chocolate in this love story, if you’re into that kind of thing (duh).

Why you should watch it: Watch two friends (both actors) eat their way through 10 incredible restaurants in one week. If you want something a little more lighthearted and funny, this is the food movie to watch.

Why you should watch it: Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a sommelier? It’s harder than you think. Follow four men on their journey to trying to get the master sommelier title – a test with apparently the lowest pass rates in the world. It’s a super-fascinating look into a niche area of food culture.

Why you should watch it: If you like a good mystery and love General Tso’s chicken (which I know you do), then this is the movie for you. As you can see in the trailer, the movie looks at how popular this dish is in America, how people view it in China, and who exactly invented the dish.