10 Terrible Crimes Against Bananas

published Jul 30, 2014
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(Image credit: hoooneyyyimhooome)

This week we’ve shared recipes for campfire banana s’mores and one-ingredient banana ice cream, and previously we’ve talked about how bananas make the best dessert. Needless to say, bananas are obviously a superior fruit, so why all the disrespect? What did they ever do to you (unless you’re allergic, sorry)? Here are 10 crimes against bananas that need to be addressed.

Bananas, we give you our condolences. You deserve better.

1. This banana that was forced to wear an adorable hat.

(Image credit: Brock Davis )

2. This banana that was poked and prodded to look like Marilyn Monroe.

(Image credit: hoooneyy im hooome)

3. These bananas that were covered in chocolate and forced to dress up like penguins.

(Image credit: Reading Confetti )

4. This banana costume made for a baby. A BABY.

(Image credit: Etsy: Rylees Collection )

5. These freaky carved bananas that are basically inedible now so what’s the point.

(Image credit: Laughing Squid )

6. This crocheted banana catnip toy. BANANAS AREN’T TOYS.

(Image credit: Etsy: Mushroomws )

7. This banana slicer that makes people even more lazy.

(Image credit: Amazon)

8. This banana dressed up to look like Ron Swanson.

(Image credit: BuzzFeed)

9. These banana mold popsicles that don’t even contain real bananas. LIES.

(Image credit: Perpetual Kid )

10. This card that pokes fun of old bananas. How would you feel if someone made fun of you for being ancient?