10 Chai-Spiced Recipes for Fall

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Pumpkin pie spice gets a lot of attention the moment that it gets a bit chilly, but there are other delicious spices that deserve attention in the fall. Chai-influenced recipes bring the spicy sweetness of masala chai, everyone’s favorite spiced tea, to your kitchen. Chai isn’t just for the coffee shop; that blend of spices can make almost any sweet recipe better.

Bundle up with 10 of our chai-spiced recipes including sweet potato chai cupcakes, chai-spiced French toast, and a smoked maple bourbon chai tea toddy.

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Masala Chai Spice Mix

Masala chai is tea that has been spiced up with a blend of spices, a blend that is unique to everyone, but usually has a few common elements like green cardamom. Making your own masala chai spice mix isn’t hard. In fact, there are really only five important ingredients, or eight if you want to get a deeper flavor.

Making Masala Chai Tea

But what if you just want to start with tea? Check out our best recipes for straight-up spicy, milky, warming tea.

Using Chai Spices in the Kitchen

Baked goods and drinks seem to be the best way to use chai. Both benefit from the warm yet spicy notes that masala chai infuses in dishes. Chai also pairs wonderfully with other fall flavors, like maple, pumpkin, and apple.

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Spicy Sweet: Treats with Chai Spices

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Beyond Tea: Drinks with Chai Spices