10 Simple Centerpieces Without Flowers

updated May 12, 2022
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Although flowers are quite lovely and in abundance this time of year, some of us still might not have easy access to them. If you’re without a garden and don’t live in a big city, you can be stuck with what’s sold at your local grocer. And unless you’re into carnations, supply can be limited. Instead, try out one of these non-flower-based centerpiece ideas that you might already have in your kitchen!

1. Cruditè Edible Centerpiece: This centerpiece is perfect for all those spring veggies when they’re still a little small. Who cares that your carrots aren’t 12″ long yet? Pull them up and put them to use!

2. Romanesco Broccoli Trees: Although we saw these at Christmas time, these mini trees are perfect for any time of the year. Accent your table with other natural elements to round out the look.

3. Pretty Sticks: Sticks can come straight from your trees or even receive a coat of paint before adorning your table. Also in this helpful post from the past is the suggestion of using kale since it’s so bouncy and full!

4. Live Plant Centerpieces: Forget fresh cut stems and try using your entire potted plant instead. Less hassle and fuss and they’ll last longer than a few days, unlike their cut alternatives.

5. Paper Flowers: Even though the real thing will only last a few days, paper flowers can last as long as you need them to. Whip up a few bunches or even just buds for your guests and store them away for later, use them elsewhere in your home, or even send them home with guests as parting gifts.

6. Use Your Veggies: In this past post we linked to a few other great ideas when it comes to playing with your food — or rather, styling it. In this case Brussels sprouts and daikon radishes were put to use!


Quick Citrus Centerpiece

Your table can be full of life when you add a bit of citrus to it. It can double as a meal extender or after-dinner snack, or just use your on-hand supply to add a pop of color while you dine.


Make a Radish Wreath for Spring

This idea doesn’t have to be executed as a wreath. In fact, it could be made into a topiary or small balls to spread across the table. Leave it as a wreath and place your favorite bowl or vase in the middle!

9. Tomatoes Make Good Centerpieces Too!: Tomatoes are always best when left out in the open instead of hidden away inside the refrigerator (although my mother will fight me till the end on this fact). Try letting them sit out and be part of the show instead of clearing them off the table when guests arrive.

10. Gilded Fruit: Sure, fruit is pretty in it’s own right, but turn it gold and boy-oh-boy is it ever a showstopper! Check out several different displays of this idea from our archives.

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