10 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Cabinets More Organized

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: The Container Store)

Unless you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen and have the space of your dreams, you probably don’t feel like you have enough cabinet space. But even if you’re dealing with the tiniest of kitchens, there are several organizers out there that can actually help you create more space — or at least use what you have more efficiently.

Here are 10 of our top picks for organizers to consider adding to your kitchen.

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Undershelf Basket (Image credit: The Container Store)
(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • Undershelf Basket, $7–$9 from Container Store: If you don’t have adjustable shelves in your cabinets, the easiest way to make use of that normally wasted space is with these hanging baskets.
  • Spectrum Stackable Baskets, $14–$20 from Bed Bath & Beyond: When you store root vegetables and onions in your pantry, you’ll need a basket for them. We love these stacking ones that save space.
  • Corner Helper Shelf, $10 from Stacks & Stacks: If you want to add shelves to your cabinets, consider one that sits in the corner instead of one that goes across the full width. It will give you easier access to your dishes, and still allow for taller items to share the space.
  • Wrap Organizer, $6 from Bed Bath & Beyond: It’s a simple organizer, but one that will save you a ton of space. Plus, you won’t have to dig through a stack of boxes the next time you need the aluminum foil, which always seems to end up on the bottom of the pile.
  • Expandable 3-Tier Step Shelf, $15 from Bed Bath & Beyond: No matter how wide or narrow your shelves are, you’ll be able to make this tiered organizer fit perfectly. Plus, no more spice jars or soup cans will get buried in the back.
(Image credit: Container Store)
  • Overcabinet Pot Lid Holder, $20 from Container Store: You’ll be amazed at just how many different things you can store on the inside of your cabinet doors. Pot racks are just so much easier to access when stored in an organizer like this.
  • Linus Stacking Storage Bin, $10 from Organize.com: There are a couple of reasons why we like these acrylic stacking bins. First, they make it easy to see what you’ve organized inside. And second, you can store sticky things like honey or oils in them without worrying about them getting your cabinet shelves dirty. Bins are so much easier to clean.
  • Double Stainless Steel Turntable, $25 from Container Store: Keep spices easy to reach with a turntable in your cabinet. You can spin until you find the right spice without taking up a ton of space.
  • Bamboo Roll-Out Bakeware Organizer, $79 from Container Store: From cake pans to muffin tins to those indispensable half-sheet pans, all of your bakeware can find a home in this roll-out organizer.
  • Rev-a-Shelf Single Tier Pull Out Basket, $38–$70 from Bed Bath & Beyond: Make it easier to get your small appliances in and out of your cabinets with a pull-out shelf. Believe us, your back will thank you!