10 Breakfasts Without Grains (or Eggs)

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Let’s face it: Breakfast can fall into a real rut sometimes. And while almost anything can become a picture-perfect breakfast with the addition of a runny-yolked egg (“Put an egg on it!”) what if you want to branch out and leave eggs behind? Maybe the grains, too? No grains, no eggs — what’s left? Quite a lot, actually — starting with this heavenly avocado pudding. Read on for this and 9 more breakfasts that take a break from grains and eggs. 

  1. Avocado Breakfast Pudding – A quick, easy, and delicious way to eat avocado for breakfast. 
  2. Superpower Morning Smoothie – Smoothies are a broad category of breakfasts that help you get your fruits and vegetables by the fistful. 
  3. The Breakfast Salad – Salad is delicious for breakfast, especially when it has a bit of fat from prosciutto and avocado, like this one. 
  4. Banana Split with Yogurt and Jam – Banana, Greek yogurt, some nuts for extra protein, and you have a fun morning banana split. 
  5. Make Your Own Fruit-on-the-Bottom Yogurt Cups – Make your own yogurt cups with plain yogurt, fresh fruit, or even swirls of cooked spinach and toasted nuts. 

  6. Southwestern Tofu Scramble – Skip the eggs and go with silky, savory tofu instead. 
  7. How to Make Diner-Style Hash Browns – Potatoes have a healthy dose of Vitamin C and hash browns are a treat, especially when served a green salad. 
  8. Warm Chickpea Salad with Cumin & Garlic – This lunch salad also makes a hearty, easy-to-pack breakfast. 
  9. Sweet Potato Hash with Caramelized Onions, Sausage – I really adore sweet potatoes for breakfast. This one is packed with savory flavor from the caramelized onions and sausage – an egg really isn’t necessary. 
  10. Miso Soup for Breakfast – A classic Japanese breakfast, warm and comforting. 
And then of course there are so many other more casual breakfast idea, like a simple piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, or a big bowl of last night’s leftover bean chili (I really love eating beans in the morning — so much protein!). What other breakfasts without grains and eggs do you like? 


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