10 Beautiful Ice Cream Cones That Are Made for Instagram

(Image credit: @phill_ofthefuture)

It could be argued that the Cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery was the first Instagram-forward food. It’s been three years since its inception, and the amount of meals — especially desserts — that have been created in the name of social media has grown. And now that it’s finally hot out, you’ll be seeing these ice cream creations all over your Instagram feed.

From unusual bubble cones, to ice cream that’s truly jet-black, here are the 10 summer cones that are ready for their close-up.


1. Churro Cones from ChickaLicious

Move over, cake cones! Churro cones are here to take over the planet. They might make your hands messy, but who really cares?


2. Rainbow Ice Cream from Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Taste the rainbow with this gorgeous yet subtle cone from Toronto.


3. Gray Ice Cream from Sundaes and Cones

This beauty tastes like black sesame.


4. Funfetti Cone from The Konery

Yes, there are funfetti marshmallows sticking out of this ice cream cone.


5. Egg Waffle Cones from Eggloo

These totally ridiculous cones from Eggloo in New York are made from egg waffles (a popular Hong Kong snack) and are stuffed with ice cream and toppings. Wait until you see the line to get one of these things.


6. Pretzel Cone from Ample Hills Creamery

The pretzel cone doesn’t scream over-the-top, but it will definitely give your friends FOMO.


7. Savory Ice Cream from Dominique Ansel Bakery

The Cronut man himself has some Instagram-worthy ice cream for you to take a shot of this summer. Burrata ice cream is real, you guys.


8. Coconut Ash Ice Cream from Morgenstern’s

This ice cream makes a delicious, totally black mess all over your face and fingers. Worth it.


9. Black Ice Cream Cone from Tim & Tim

You’ll have to go to Moscow to get this dark beauty.


10. Cookie Monster Ice Cream from LIK N2 Ice Cream

Yes, that is a syringe full of chocolate ganache.