10 Beautiful Encaustic Tile Backsplashes

updated Jun 5, 2019
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(Image credit: HGTV)

Encaustic tiles are a type of tile whose beauty goes deep. What makes it different? Instead of being simply painted with a pattern, encaustic’s color and pattern is literally baked in with materials — cement or clay — of different colors.

There are many traditional shapes and patterns that are good examples of the material, and of course there are a wide range of colors that are simply stunning. Here are 10 of our favorite examples.

  • Starburst – Hello Kitchen: This traditional starburst design looks stunning in a kitchen that is otherwise mostly white. It warms up the space and gives it a little dose of personality.
  • Backsplash & Floor – Shubin Donaldson: How do you make your tile really stand out? Use the same encaustic tiles on the backsplash and on the floor. This combination is show-stopping.
  • Green & White Triangles – Inside Out: We love all the inventive tile in this home, but the simple geometric tiles in the kitchen might be our favorites. The combination of dark green, pale yellow-green, and white is spot on.
  • Native Influence – Milk Magazine: This mini backsplash has an almost Native American influence to it. Because there are so many colors in the tile, it’s best to keep the rest simple.
  • Geometric Tiles – HGTV: A lot of pattern can be overwhelming, so choosing a simple geometric one in just two colors can be a safe way to incorporate something bold into your space.
(Image credit: Cement Tile Shop)
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Starburst – Hello Kitchen (Image credit: Hello Kitchen)
  • Pale Blue – Amity Worrel & Co: The faded blue of this tile makes it easy to use in a large space, without feeling too oppressive. We love that it’s paired with colorful, but not matching, cabinets as well.
  • Black & White – Better Homes & Gardens: The large, bright windows keep the pattern from feeling too overwhelming in this stylish kitchen.
  • Blue & White Hutch – HGTV: Okay, this isn’t a backsplash per se, but it is easy enough to imagine these tiles behind open shelving above the counters instead of off to the side.
  • Blue & Grey Pattern – Buckminster Green: The more organic pattern of these tiles makes for a softer look. We love that they tie in with all the other shades and hues present in the kitchen.
  • Patchwork Tile – Cement Tile Shop: If you really want to go bold, try using a patchwork tile like this homeowner did. We recommend sticking to a small space, like around the stove, to keep things under control.