10 Beautiful Bowls to Brighten Your Morning

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Have you heard? Bowls are the new plates. It’s true. Everything from smoothies to grain-filled dinners are being served in bowls these days. While you’ve always eaten your soup and cereal out of bowls (you’re not an animal!), you may find yourself reaching for them far more often — especially if you’ve been eating more yogurt lately.

If that’s the case, using the same old dish over and over (and over) again can get old. Like, really old. Do yourself a favor and get some new bowls to help fun up your routine — and the look of your kitchen cabinets. Maybe one (or some) of these?

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  1. Carla Handpainted Bowl, $10 at Harabu House: Handcrafted in Denmark, this cute patterned bowl comes in six fun colors.
  2. Polka-Dot Bowl, $16 at Fishs Eddy: These polka-dots will make you feel like a kid again, even if you’re pushing 30. We suggest that you eat a healthy, whole-grain cereal out of it during the week and a sugary option out of it on the weekends. Hey, it’s all about balance, right?
  3. Folk Pad Printed Bowl, $8 at West Elm: Crafted out of glazed porcelain, this bowl features all sorts of varying patterns on the inside and outside. Mix and match a bunch for an eclectic breakfast table.
  4. Roundish Mini Bowl, $3 at CB2: The perfect size for a small serving of yogurt, this little guy (available in mint, navy, and pink) can double as a candy or nut bowl when not being used in your breakfast rotation.
  5. Buddha Bowl, $30 at Uncommon Goods: Designed to fit in the palm of your hand (with a handle specifically for your thumb), this bowl is perfect for the mornings — whether it’s holding breakfast or a homemade latte.
  6. Farmhouse Double Handle Bowls, $50 for four at Williams-Sonoma: Available in white or navy, these rustic stoneware bowls can be used in the oven to bake up individualized casseroles or personalized servings of mac and cheese.
  7. Latte Bowl Set, $24 for four at Anthropologie: Available in a rainbow of colors, these ribbed earthenware bowls will cheer up your morning routine, even if you’ve eaten the same thing for five days in a row.
  8. Let’s Do Brunch Bowls, $46 for four at Rosanna: These glazed porcelain bowls are both chic and functional, helping you dress up even the most utilitarian of breakfasts.
  9. Textured Stoneware Bowls, $20 for four at World Market: Each glazed bowl in this set of four features a different texture and pattern.
  10. Cheeky Nola Bowls, $20 for four at Target: These polka-dot porcelain bowls will quickly become your go-to dishes for everything you eat from breakfast to dinner.