10 Baby Animals Who Really, Really Love Their Vegetables

published Jun 2, 2015
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(Image credit: Innocent Drinks)

You know those days when you’re at the grocery store and you just can’t with the fresh produce section? You just feel like turning down the snack or pasta aisle and never looking back.

If you’re in that camp or are just feeling a little unmotivated, these adorable baby animals are here to help. They never get bored with their veggies!

1. This baby bunny can’t get enough of that tiny carrot.

(Image credit: Animalist)

2. This cutie of a sloth finds joy in munchin’ on green beans.

(Image credit: funny or die)

3. This adorable baby turtle could spend all day chewing on a piece of lettuce.

(Image credit: 3 million dogs)

4. This puppy would rather wrap his mouth around a carrot than a chew toy.

(Image credit: YouTube)

5. This small kitty likes playing tug-of-war with lettuce.

(Image credit: Jet Packer)

6. This sneaky guinea pig can’t keep away from the carrot sticks.

(Image credit: YouTube)

7. This hedgehog dreams of snacking on green peppers.

(Image credit: tails inc)

8. This baby pig finds peace in a giant lettuce leaf.

(Image credit: Jesada Sebai)

9. This baby monkey doesn’t need butter to enjoy fresh corn.

(Image credit: Even Andersson)

10. This baby llama wants to grow up and eat MOAR greens.