10 Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Grocery Shopping

published Nov 4, 2013
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It happens all the time: You see that seriously awesome lookin’ kale salad online or in a magazine or wherever and you really want to make it for dinner. The only thing that stands in your way to cooking nirvana is, of course, the grocery store.

Now in the grand scheme of things, the grocery store isn’t bad at all (and can be enjoyable!) but there are certain things that can just drive you crazy. I’m not talking about buying more veggies and whole grains, or shopping in the outer aisles to avoid processed food –– no, these are the irksome and banal events that happen all the time.

1. When you forget ONE essential item at the grocery store and need to go back and you feel like a failure. (pictured above)

2. When you attempt to go to a grocery store during peak hours and you wait for eternity.

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3. When a little old lady takes up an entire aisle and you don’t have the heart to tell her to move over. Instead, you just stand there awkwardly.

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4. When something you want doesn’t have a price tag and you take it to the cashier and it costs a billion dollars.

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5. When you buy something at the grocery store, go home, and find out it already expired.

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6. When you buy too much stuff and attempt to carry all the bags home without dropping anything/causing physical harm to yourself.

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7. When you forget to eat something before grocery shopping and you need to buy everything you see.

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8. When someone gets into the express checkout lane with over like, 30 things.

9. When you find out your coupons have expired at the cash register and you have to put half your stuff back.

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10. When you forget to call ahead to see if a grocery store has that one random thing that you need for a dish. And, of course, when you get there, they don’t have it.

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