10 Alternatives to Plastic Easter Grass

published Apr 10, 2017
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Sure, sticking some plastic grass into an Easter basket is easy, but where’s the fun in that? Get a little more creative this year and go with one of these filler alternatives that are guaranteed to make a colorful and festive bed for gummy candy, chocolate bunnies, and candy-filled eggs. Even the Easter Bunny will be impressed.

Tip: Save money by sticking newspaper in the bottom of your basket to fill it up a little bit before you add in the good stuff.

1. Pom-Poms

Is there anything more fun than a pomp-om (we’re talking either the yarn or the felt variety)? Use an assortment of sizes and colors for a bright basket, or go for a simple look with pink and red — or blue and green — pom-poms. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can even make your own out of yarn!

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2. Green Graft Paper

Cut strips of green craft paper — or run it through the paper shredder, if you have one — to mimic the look of grass. It’s definitely more pet-friendly than the plastic version. For bonus flare, you can mix in different shades of green or patterned papers too.

3. Mini Balloons

Blow up a bunch of the five-inch dart balloons or water balloons; keep them on the smaller side so you can fit several different colors in the basket. They’ll look like giant gum balls!

4. Moss

Put an earthy spin on an Easter basket and place fake moss inside. (You can find it at most craft stores.) After the holiday, you can repurpose it in a terrarium or a lantern, on a fireplace mantle, or on a rustic table.

5. Yarn or Ribbon

Give a new life to all those random pieces of yarn leftover from various crafts and ribbon once used to wrap presents. Save up the scraps throughout the year (just throw them in a box or a Mason jar) and pull them out when it’s time to prep your baskets.

6. Tissue Paper Honeycombs

You usually see these too-cute fold-out paper goods as giant balls that hang from the ceiling, but it’s possible to find smaller ones as small as an inch in diameter. The small ones happen to be the perfect size for almost any basket. Just unfold them, stick the sides together, and throw ’em in.

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7. Flowers or Greens

What’s sweeter than resting Easter candy on a bed of fresh flowers? Just choose some sturdy blooms like roses or dahlias to tuck inside your Easter basket. You can use succulents, on-trend palm fronds, or fresh eucalyptus if you want to go green. Hint: You can also use fakes if you want to reuse them next year.

8. Fabric or Napkins

Cover a simple bed of paper with a square of bright and beautiful fabric. It’s a smart way to use up fabric scraps you just can’t bear to throw away. Or, if you’re making a basket for an adult, throw in some pretty cloth napkins that will double as part of the gift.

9. Felt Shapes

Cutouts shaped like bunnies, chicks, and eggs are a clever way to use leftover pieces of felt. Plus, kids can play with them after they devour their candy.

10. Tissue Paper

We’re guessing you definitely have a bunch of tissue paper on hand. Crumble up a few sheets and place the balls along the bottom of the basket. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

What do you put in your Easter baskets?