No More Zip-Locs: 18 Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We are asked this question a lot: Where do you find easy-to-clean, food-safe, reusable sandwich bags? And we’ve answered it here, here, and here. Each time, you’ve filled the comments with great options from Etsy sellers and other companies, so we decided to gather all of our intelligence (thus far) into one place. Here’s the mother lode.

We kept our list to snack and sandwich bags only; no produce or lunch bags (you can search for those in our archives, though—we’ve covered both quite a bit). And our criteria, besides having a usable photo to show you, are that the bags come in a variety of colors and patterns, be sealable (Velcro or zipper), and be lined with nylon or some other wipeable material.

We’re breaking it down by Etsy and Non-Etsy, with the Non category up first. Obviously, there are dozens, probably hundreds, of Etsy sellers we’re not mentioning. We tried to stick to sellers recommended by you in the comments of other posts; that way, they’re vouched for by at least one person out there. If you have a favorite that isn’t on our list, let us know.

• 1. Lunchskins; $7.85 for snack size, $8.95 for sandwich size
• 2. RuMe Bags; $4.95 for baggies, $4.50 for “pockets.”
• 3. Itzy Ritzy, $9.99.
• 4. Snack Taxi; $6.95 for snack size, $8.95 for sandwich size.
• 5. Reusit; $6.95 for snack size, $8.95 for sandwich size.
• 6. Baggu; $8 for three small zipper bags.
• 7. Kids Konserve Food Kozy; 2 for $9 or 5 for $23.
• 8. Green Time Bags; $6.95 for snack size, $8.95 for sandwich size.

ETSY (starting from the 4th photo on the 2nd row):
• 9. Waste Not Saks; $6.50 for snack size, $7.50 for sandwich size.
• 10. Love For Earth; $6.50 for snack size, $9.60 for sandwich size.
• 11. Bag it Conscious; $6.50 for snack size, $7 for sandwich size.
• 12. Julie Meyer; $14 for a sandwich/snack set.
• 13. Fabrik; $7 for 5 snack bags.
• 14. Obleek; $6 for snack size, $7 for sandwich size.
• 15. Cilicia’s Home and Hearth, $6.
• 16. Simply Practical, $6.
• 17. Hustle Mama, $4.
• 18. The Green Cat; $1.25 for a FlipFlap sack.

So, that’s our list. Any additions?